Faculty & Employment

Ⅰ. Qualifications for Foreign Teachers

1. Age:

Under age 60

2. Nationality:

America, England, German, France, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Singapore, etc.

 3. Degree:

Poccess a Bachelor’s degree or higher

4. Teaching Qualifications:

a. For Language Teaching:

TEFL certificate & 2 years teaching experience required,

b. For Subject Teaching:

Certain academic background & teaching experience.


II. Position Details

1. For Language Teaching:

English, Janpanese, Korean

2. For Subject Teaching:

Road Bridge and River Crossing Engineering

Traffic Engineering

Traffic Transportation

Automobile Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation

Geological Engineering

Earth Physics

Exploration Technology and Engineering


Resource Exploration Engineering

Resource Environment and Urban-Rural Planning and Management

Civil Engineering

Environment Engineering

Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering

Architecture Environment and Equipment Engineering

Environmental Sciences

Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

Material Forming and Control Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Automation

3. Responsibilities:

a. 14 hours classes per work

b. Other related work such as after-class program, English Corner, instructing students for English contest and like.


III. Salary and Benefits

1.Monthly Salary (RMB):

2. Airfare (RMB):

One way ticket for 6 month contract period;Round trip ticket for one year contract period

3. Winter or Summer Vacation Allowance (RMB):

RMB 2200 for one-year contract period;RMB 1100 for 6-month contract period.

4. Holidays:

Summer and Winter holiday, Chrismas, Public Holidays in China 


IV. Housing

1. Providing free apartment with one bedroom and one living room, one kitch, one bathroom.

2. The apartment with basic facilitie:Heating, air conditioner, bathroom with shower, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, furniture, kitchen utensils, and internet connection.


Any person who is interested in the teaching positions, please submit the resumes, scanned passport , graduation certificate, degree certificate and other relevant certificates to fas@chd.edu.cn.