National Engineering Laboratories

※ National Engineering Laboratory of Security Technology of Bridge Structure

※ National Engineering Laboratory of Road Maintenance Technology and Equipment 


Key Laboratories of Ministry of Education and Engineering Research Centers

※ Key Laboratory of Special Region Highway Projects (Ministry of Education)

※ Key Laboratory of Road Construction Technology and Equipment (Ministry of Education)

※ Key Laboratory of Wstern Geological Resources and Geoengineering (Ministry of Education)

※ Key Laboratory of Arid Region Geohydrology and its Ecological Effect (Ministry of Education)

※ Joint Laboratory for International Cooperation on Sustainable Development of Road Transportation Infrastructure in Special Areas

※ Vehicle Networking Ministry of Education-China Mobile Joint Laboratory

※ Western Traffic Safety and Intelligent Control Provincial Co-construction Collaborative Innovation Center

※ Engineering Research Center of the Equipment and Technology of Highway Construction and Conservation

※ Engineering Research Center of the Safety of Highway Large Structures

※ Engineering Research Center of Highway Auxiliary Surface Material

※ Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education for Road Infrastructure Digitization 

※ Road Traffic Carbon Reduction Engineering Research Center (Ministry of Education)

※ Research Station for Multi-scale and Multi-variable Science in the Arid Zone Earth Critical Zone, Ministry of Education

※ Research Station for Water Cycle and Geological Environment of Loess Plateau, Ministry of Education


Key Laboratories of Ministry of Communications

※ Key Laboratory of Highway Structure and Materials

※ Key Laboratory of the Security Technology of Motor Transport

※ Key Laboratory of the Examination and Reinforcement Technology of Old Bridges

※ Key Laboratory of Transportation Industry for the Control and Circulation Restoration Technology of Transportation Network Facilities in Ecological Security Barrier Area

※ Integrated Transportation Theory Key Laboratory of Tansportation Industry

※ The Ministry of Transportation and Communications recognizes the closed-field test base for automatic driving

※ Collaborative Innovation Platform for Highway Construction and Maintenance Technology in Special Areas

※ Research Base for Field Scientific Observation of Tunnel Meteorology and Structural Mechanics in Cold Areas Transportation Industry

※ Transportation New Think Tank Alliance (Governing Unit)

※ Building Information Model (BIM) Technology Application Transportation Industry R&D Center

※ Road Construction and Maintenance Technology, Materials and Equipment Transportation Industry R&D Center

※ Transportation Industry R&D Center for Intelligent Manufacturing Technology of Transportation Infrastructure

※ Transportation R&D Center for Automated Driving Technology

※ Beidou Satellite Navigation System Technology Application Transportation Industry R&D Center

※ R&D Center for New Energy, New Materials, New Equipment in Transportation Transportation Industry

※ Transportation Automation Technology R&D Center

※ R&D Center for Transportation Satellite Technology Applications in Transportation Industry


Key Laboratory of Ministry of Natural Resources

※ Key Laboratory of Magmatic Action Mineralization and Prospecting

※ Key Laboratory of Geological hazards of Earth fractures

※ Key Laboratory of Remediation of Degraded and Unused Land

※ Key Laboratory of Ecological Geology and Disaster Control

※ Key Laboratory of Mine Geological Disaster Mechanism and Prevention and Control

※ New Energy Mineral and Resource Information Engineering Technology Innovation Center


Key Laboratories of Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development

※ Key Laboratory for Water-supply and Drainage


Key Laboratories of Ministry of Water Resources

※ Key Laboratory of Eco-Hydrology and Water Security in Arid Regions


Key laboratories of Shaanxi Province

※ Western Traffic Safety and Intelligent Control Collaborative Innovation Center

※ Green Smart Highway Infrastructure Construction and Operation and Maintenance Collaborative Innovation Center

※ Key Laboratory of Highway Bridge and Tunnel

※ Key Laboratory of New Transportation Energy Exploration and Application & Vehicle Energy Saving

※ Key Laboratory of Highway Construction Machinery

※ Key Laboratory of Early Life and Environment

※ Key Laboratory of Land Remediation

※ Research Center of the Intelligent Detection and Equipment Engineering Technology of Road Traffic

※ Land Remediation Engineering Technology Research Center

※ Vehicle Networking and Intelligent Transportation International Science and Echnology Cooperation Base

※ International Joint Research Center for Low-Impact Development of Highway Traffic in the Western Region

※ International Joint Research Center for Digital Construction and Management of Transportation Infrastructure along the Belt and Road

※ International Joint Research Center for Civil Engineering Infrastructure Disaster Prevention

※ Water Ecological Civilization Construction Soft Science Research Base in Shaanxi Province

※ Research Center of Groundwater and Ecological Environment in Shaanxi Province

※ Engineering Research Center for Digitization of Traffic Infrastructure Construction and Management

※ Engineering Research Center of Vehicle Networking and Intelligent Vehicle Testing Technology

※ Field Scientific Observation and Research Station of Hydrology and Ecology in the Earth Key Eelt in the middle Reaches of the Yellow River 

※ Shaanxi Yellow River Scientific Research Institute

※ Key Laboratory of Environmental Protection, Soil and Water Pollution and Remediation in Shaanxi Province

※ Electric Vehicle Shaanxi University Engineering Research Center

※ Shaanxi Province Four Main and One Joint Construction Engineering Technology Research Center

※ Shaanxi Province Four Main and One Joint Commercial Vehicle Engineering Technology Research Center

※ Shaanxi Province Four Main and One Joint Electric Vehicle Charging and Discharging Technology Joint Research Center

※ Shaanxi Province Four Main and One Joint University-Enterprise Joint Research Center for Ecological Environmental Protection and Restoration in the Middle Section of the Yellow River Basin (Coal Mines)

※ Shaanxi Province Four Main and One Joint River and Lake Ecosystem Protection and Restoration of the University and Enterprise Joint Research Center

※ Shaanxi Province Four Main and One Joint Bridge Engineering Intelligent Construction Technology Joint Research Center

※ Research Base of National Security and College Ideology Education

※ Popularization Base of Chinese Traditional Culture

※ The base for Popularization of Science and Education of Traffic Power

※ Shaanxi Synergistic Innovation Research Center of Cultural Industry

※ Center for Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Chang 'an University

※ Shaanxi Province Public Science and Technology Quality and Public Policy Research Center

※ Western film Theory and Creation Research - Shaanxi Film Review and Theory Research Base 

※ Shaanxi Province Cast the Chinese Nation Community Consciousness Research Base

※ Research Center for Integrated Transport Economic Management

※ Research Center for Highway Infrastructure Economics and Management

※ Green Engineering and Sustainable Development Research Center

※ Changan Cultural Industry Research Center

※ Shaanxi Province Cultural Development and Integration Innovation Think Tank

※ Research Center for Integrated Transport Development

※ Collaborative Planning of low-carbon urban space and Transportation, Shaanxi University Engineering Research Center

※ Transportation new energy materials Shaanxi University Engineering Research Center

※ Green Engineering and Sustainable Development Research Center


Key Laboratories of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (GZAR)

※ Guangxi China-Asean International Joint Key Laboratory of Integrated Transportation

Automobile Comprehensive Performance Test Ground



The Automobile Comprehensive Performance Test Ground is located in the north side of Weishui campus, covering 423 acres with a total investment of 60 million (excluding laboratory construction fees), among which 34 million was invested by the “211 Project”. The ground has the only one in the country with a total length of 2.4 km automobile high-speed circular track, 1.1km straight line test track, 5 kinds of typical reliability enhancement test roads, 13,000 square meters of handling stability test square, 3 kinds of low adhesion coefficient road surface, 2 kinds of climbing ramps and water roads and other special automobile test road facilities. There are teaching and scientific research laboratories such as road construction machinery Test Center, automobile emission Test center, automobile structure laboratory, highway wind tunnel laboratory, large-scale sedimentation test platform, etc., and training ground for college students' driving practice. The ground has perfect experimental facilities and support service system, advanced equipment, and can complete all automobile road test tasks and some scientific research, test and inspection tasks of automobile highway and construction machinery disciplines.


Mount Taibai Practice Base


Mount Taibai Practice Base (Taibai campus) is located at the foot of the Taibai Mountain National Forest Park--- the national key scenic spots, about 15 kilometers away from the Jiangtang Exit of the Xibao Highway and about 200 meters away from Famensi—Tangyu Special Highway. Mount Taibai Practice Base is one of the key construction projects of “211 Project” of Chang’an University. It is a highway survey experiment and practice base invested by the Ministry of Communications for the former Xi 'an Highway and Transportation University in order to strengthen the quality of college students and improve their practical ability.


Hanzhong Practice Base


Hanzhong Liangshan Field Teaching Practice Base is located in Liangshan Town, Nanzheng County, about 8 kilometers away from Hanzhong City, covers an area of 35 acres, construction area of 3200 square meters, including classrooms, apartments, dining halls and so on. It mainly meets the field math practice of students of geosciences majors, and can receive 300 people's practice and life at the same time.

(Data last updated: November 2023)