Foreign Academician Michael Hood of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and his delegation visited Chang’an University

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On April 30th, Professor Michael Hood, foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, academician of the Australian Academy of Engineering, and a representative of University of Queensland, along with a delegation of three, visited Chang’an University. Vice President of Chang’an University Fan Wen met with the visiting guests in the VIP Hall of the Academic Exchange Center at the South Campus, and awarded Academician Michael Hood as an honorary professor of Geological Resources and Geological Engineering, and Safety Engineering. The heads of International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Institute of Science, Talent Office, School of Geological Engineering and Geomatics, and School of Earth Science and Resources attended the meeting.

Vice President Fan Wen met with Academician Michael Hood and his delegation

Fan Wen congratulated Academician Michael Hood on receiving the 2023 Chinese Government Friendship Award, expressing affirmation for his international reputation and research experience. Fan Wen briefed the basic information of School of Geological Engineering and Geomatics and School of Earth Science and Resources, including the disciplinary construction, educational level, talent cultivation, and international exchanges. Based on the construction and exchanges of disciplines between University of Queensland and Chang’an University, Fan Wen put forward a vision for further cooperation.

Michael Hood expressed his gratitude for the recognition and appointment by Chang’an University. He gave the basic information in the field of geosciences in University of Queensland and his own research achievements in the fields of rock mechanics and mineral safety. Michael Hood expressed his expectation to cooperate with Chang’an University in the field of geoscience research to promote the common development of scientific research between China and Australia.

Both sides engaged in discussions and exchanges on cooperation in the field of geosciences.

According to the talks between the two universities, Chang’an University will renew the inter-university cooperation agreement with University of Queensland, actively prepare for a “3+2”Bachelor's and Master's Combined Student Training Program, and plan to establish a joint research laboratory with University of Queensland. 

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