Director of the Birmingham Business School of the University of Birmingham with the Delegation Visits Chang’an University

Date:2024-04-15Resource:auhtor:number of clicks:10

On April 15, 2024, a delegation of four from the University of Birmingham, led by Anindya Banerjee, director of the Birmingham Business School of the University of Birmingham, visited Chang’an university at its invitation. Du Qiang, assistant president of Chang’an University, met with them in the Second Meeting Room of the Conference Center of the Northern Main Campus , accompanied by the leaders of Office of the International Cooperation and Exchange and the School of Economics and Management.

Du Qiang extended a warm welcome to professor Anindya Banerjee and the delegation,  and gave a brief introduction to the basic situation of Chang’an University and the international exchange and cooperation and a detailed illustration of the disciplinary construction of economics. He stated that Chang’an University has always adhered to internationalized education, continuously leveraged its academic characteristics, and devoted itself to the development of the infrastructure construction industry. He emphasized that Chang'an University has maintained good cooperation relationships with several universities in the UK, mainly by continuously consolidating and deepening cooperation through various forms such as faculty exchanges, joint student training, and collaborative scientific research. He hoped that this exchange would further promote cooperation between Chang’an University and well-known universities in the UK, such as the University of Birmingham.

Professor Anindya Banerjee affirmed the outstanding contributions made by Chang’an University in the field of infrastructure construction and expressed strong support for the cooperative ideas between two universities. He briefly introduced the basic situation of the University of Birmingham and its Business School. He expressed that the two sides have similar disciplines, a solid foundation for cooperation and broad space for collaboration. He hoped to establish a more extensive cooperative relationship with Chang’an University, jointly explore a broader field of cooperation and exchange, and promote the establishment of a closer cooperative relationship between the two sides.

After the meeting, the delegation visited the History Museum of Chang’an University.

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