The delegation of teachers and students of Georgia Institute of Technology visited Chang'an University

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In order to implement the consensus of the San Francisco meeting between the heads of state of China and the United States and General Secretary Xi Jinping's major initiative of inviting 50,000 American youths to China for exchange and study in the next five years, on March 16, James David Frost, the former vice president of the Georgia Institute of Technology and his delegation visited Chang'an University. Vice President Fan Wen, in company with the heads of Office of the International Cooperation and Exchange, met with the guests in the meeting room of headquarters.

Vice President Fan Wen welcomed the visit of the delegation. He briefly introduced the basic situation and international exchanges and cooperation of Chang'an University. He said that Chang'an University has good cooperations with many universities in the U.S., and has been consolidating and deepening the cooperation between the two sides through the exchange of faculty visits, joint training of students and cooperative scientific research. He stressed that the visit of the delegation is a vivid embodiment of the promotion of regular exchanges between Chinese and American teachers and students, and the implementation of the mechanism of humanistic exchanges between China and the United States. He hoped to take this exchange as an opportunity to further promote the broader cooperation between Chinese and American universities, and to gather more strength for the educational exchanges between China and the United States.

The head of the delegation, Professor James David Frost expressed his gratitude for the warm reception, and expressed high approval of the cooperation concept between the two parties. He recalled the history of cooperation between the two parties and introduced the recent development of the Georgia Institute of Technology. He said that this visit aims to promote exchanges and cooperation between the two universities in more fields. He hoped that through the cooperation, more contributions would be made to the promotion of China-US cooperation in science and education.

During the delegation's visit, Professor James David Frost made an academic report entitled Considering nature in addressing resilience and sustainability during reconstruction after extreme events for the teachers and students in the field of geography of CHU and carried out in-depth exchanges. The delegation accompanied by Vice President Fan Wen visited the History Museum of Chang'an University. 

Vice President Fan Wen Met with the Delegation of Georgia Institute of Technology

Professor James David Frost made an Academic Report

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