Symposium Held with Central Asia Delegation of China-Central Asia Alliance for Talent Development in Transportation Infrastructure

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On the morning of November 19, theSymposium of the Central Asia Delegation of China-Central Asia Alliance for Talent Development in Transportation Infrastructure was held in the First Lecture Hall of Weishui Campus.

Chen Zhijian, Secretary of the Party Committee of Chang'an University; Vice President Fan Wen, Pei Jianzhong, Chen Jianxun of Chang'an University; Amirgalyeva, President of Academy of Logistics and Transport of Kazakhstan; Kapenova, Vice President of Tulane University; Elmuradov, Director of the National Institute of Urban Planning of Uzbekistan et al. attended the symposium. The symposium was hosted by Fan Wen.


The Symposium

Chen Zhijian gave a warm welcome to all the foreign guests of the Central Asian delegation and congratulated the establishment of China-Central Asia Alliance for Talent Development in Transportation Infrastructure. He introduced the achievements made by Chang'an University in promoting the high-quality development of the Belt and Road, pointing out that transport infrastructure connectivity is a priority area of the Belt and Road initiative, and a practical basis for building a community of destiny between China and Central Asian countries that is based on mutual assistance, common development, universal security and generational friendship.

Chen Zhijian said, Chang'an University would continuously take advantage of the characteristics of its disciplines to cultivate international personnel, scientific and technological cooperation, humanistic exchanges and other aspects of innovative practice, and further unite the members of the alliance, and continue to open up a new situation to Central Asia's education and build the alliance into a high-end international platform for the China-Central Asia Transportation Infrastructure Strong  Connectivity, the Transportation Technical Standards Soft Connectivity, and the international professionals Heart-to-heart connectivity, so that it can make greater contributions to the promotion of the construction of a community of destiny of China-Central Asia, and to the high-quality development of the One Belt and One Road.

The Central Asian delegation representatives Amirgaliyeva, Elmuradov, Imambediev, Rahmon and other foreign guests gave speeches. They said that the establishment of the alliance is inspiring, and the universities and institutions in Central Asia have broad prospects and positive willingness to strengthen all-round, deep and multi-dimensional cooperation on traffic engineering with Chang'an University, and will fully support the alliance to deepen the joint cultivation of international talents, strengthen the scientific and technological innovation cooperation, promote the exchanges and mutual understanding of civilization, and enrich the achievements of the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative of China. It is hoped that the Alliance will make greater contributions to the development of the China-Central Asia community of common destiny.

After the symposium, the Central Asian delegation visited the Transportation Museum and highway laboratories of Chang'an University.

Representatives from Office of the Party Committee, Office of the President, Service Center of Graduate Employment and Development, Office of Faculty Affairs, Graduate School, Institute of Science, Laboratory & Equipment Administration Department, Office of International CooperationandExchange, International Education School, School of Highway, School of Materials Science and Engineering and School of Transportation Engineering attended the symposium.


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