Vice President of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University Charlie Xue Visited Chang'an University

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On October 23, Vice President Charlie Xue of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University of Australia and his delegation visited Chang'an University. Vice President Fan Wen, in company with the heads of Office of the International Cooperation and Exchange, Institute of Science, and School of Economics and Management, met with the guests in the meeting room of Beichen Building on Weishui Campus.

Vice President Fan Wen welcomed the visit of Vice President Charlie Xue and his delegation. He briefly introduced to the guests the history, scale and discipline characteristics of Chang'an University, focusing on how CHD utilized the advantages of its disciplines to promote international exchanges and cooperation. He pointed out that over the years, Chang'an University has continuously taken the advantages of the characteristics of its disciplines to cultivate a large number of high-level engineering and technical management talents for the infrastructure construction industry. CHD alumni and research teams have been deeply involved and played an important role in major engineering construction projects in the field of infrastructure construction. He said that CHD has been committed to international development and attaches great importance to the cooperation with Australia's top well-known universities such as the RMIT University. He hoped to take Vice President Charlie Xue’s visit as an opportunity and conduct substantial cooperation between the two universities in the fields of joint cultivation of talents, mutual visits of teachers, and cooperative scientific research, especially in cooperative education projects or institutions.

Vice President Charlie Xue expressed his gratitude for the warm reception and briefly introduced the basic situation of RMIT University. He pointed out that through this visit, he learned that Chang'an University is a high-level university with distinctive academic characteristics, strong educational strength and excellent social services, and RMIT University is looking forward to carrying out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with Chang'an University. He stressed that RMIT University is willing to carry out a comprehensive cooperation and conduct multi-level joint student cultivation and scientific research cooperation, especially in the fields of transportation engineering and business administration. He hoped that through the in-depth exchanges between teachers and students, the two universities could advance their collaboration in multiple fields and establish a closer cooperative relationship. 

During the conversation, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions and reached a broad consensus on related matters such as cooperative scientific research. After the meeting, Vice President Charlie Xue and his delegation visited the History Museum of Chang'an University, the Highway Accelerated Pavement Testing Laboratory and the Lab of Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Testing.

Vice President Fan Wen Met with Vice President Charlie Xue and His Delegation

Vice President Charlie Xue and His Delegation Visited the History Museum