Chang'an University and the EPITA School Of Engineering & Computer Science Held a Video Conference on Declaration of Sino-foreign Cooperative Schooling

Date:2022-04-14Resource:auhtor:number of clicks:10

On the afternoon of April 11, 2022, Chang'an University and the EPITA School Of Engineering & Computer Science (EPITA) held a video conference to declare the work of Sino-foreign cooperation in education. Philippe Dewost, the president of EPITA and Fan Wen, the vice president of CHD attended the meeting. The person in charge of International Affairs Office, Student Development Office, Programming Department, Information Technology Department and China Project Office of EPITA, and the person in charge of Planning Office, Academic Affairs Office, Accounting Office, International Office, Rule of Law Office and Information School of CHD attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Jiang Zaiwen, Director of the International Office.


At the meeting, Vice President Fan Wen expressed his cordial greetings and thanks to President Dewost and other French principals for their great efforts in the declaration of Sino-foreign cooperative education projects in the early stage. He made an introduction to Chang'an University from the aspects of school history, school scale, discipline construction and internationalization of school operation. He said that the two universities have outstanding advantages and characteristics in the disciplines and specialties of cooperation and they are willing to cooperate strongly. Both sides should continue to strengthen communication and improve the declaration materials as soon as possible to ensure the completion of the declaration work of the Sino-foreign cooperative school project with high quality as scheduled. At the same time, he also hoped to take this project cooperation as an opportunity to continuously expand the breadth and depth of cooperation and exchange, so as to create a better vision for promoting the cooperation between the two universities.


President Dewost expressed his appreciation for the fruitful work carried out by our university in the process of promoting Sino-foreign cooperative education, and introduced the basic situation of EPITA from the aspects of history, orientation, discipline characteristics, international exchange and cooperation. He said that EPITA is among the top computer programs in France, and the strong combination of high-quality educational resources of the two schools will surely lead to success in the field of Sino-foreign cooperative education.


The participants communicated and exchanged in-depth around the Sino-foreign cooperative school program, cooperation agreement, financial agreement and training program, put forward constructive opinions and suggestions, and reached a broad consensus.


After the video conference, Fan Wen made arrangements for the declaration of Sino-foreign cooperative schooling projects. He emphasized that we should attach great importance to the declaration work, and the relevant functional departments and colleges should communicate fully with the relevant departments of EPITA according to the issues raised in the meeting, strengthen the collaborative work, modify and improve the application materials of the Sino-foreign cooperative school project as soon as possible, and ensure the completion of the declaration work as scheduled.