Chang'an University Successfully Held the 20th and 21st Annual COTA International Conference on Transportation Technology (CICTP2020-21)

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On January 29, 2022, the concluding meeting of CICTP2020-21 Annual International Conference on Transportation Technology was successfully held online, with Vice President Zhao Xiangmo of Chang'an University giving the concluding report of the conference. Prof. Wang Xiaokun, the 20th and 21st President of Overseas Chinese Transportation Association (COTA) and Rensselaer Polytechnic University, USA. The Chairman of CICTP2020-21 Executive Committee and University of Cincinnati, USA Prof. Wei Heng, Chairman of CICTP 2020-21 Executive Committee, Prof. Zhang Guohui, University of Hawaii, Prof. Wang Haizhong, Oregon State University, Dr. Ma Jianming, 22nd Chairman of COTA, Texas Department of Transportation, Dean An Yisheng, College of Information Engineering, Chang'an University and some faculty members who participated in the preparation of the conference attended the conference. The meeting was hosted by Xu Zhigang, Vice President of College of Information Engineering, Chang'an University.

Vice President Zhao Xiangmo reviewed the whole process of the conference from preparation to the call for papers, to the two postponements due to the epidemic, and finally to the successful holding of the conference, especially during the epidemic outbreak in Xi'an in December 2021, COTA and Chang'an University worked together, united and overcame many difficulties, and finally successfully completed the conference. Prof. Wang Xiaokun, the former president of COTA, expressed his sincere gratitude to Chang'an University for successfully hosting CICTP 2020-21 under the difficult circumstances. Dr. Ma Jianming briefly introduced the progress of  CICTP 2022.

CICTP2020-21 Summary Meeting

On December 17, CICTP2020-2021 International Transportation Technology Conference, jointly organized by Chang'an University and Overseas Chinese Transportation Association (COTA), was finally held online as scheduled. The theme of the conference is Silk Road Transportation, Connecting the Future. The conference invited nearly 300 scholars including academicians from the American Academy of Engineering, Canadian Academy of Engineering, Japanese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Ministry of Transport, Natural Science Foundation, leaders of industry associations, and professors from world-renowned universities to make online video presentations, offering an academic feast for global transportation scholars. The opening ceremony of the conference was hosted by Professor Zhao Xiangmo, Vice President of Chang'an University.

  Professor Zhao Xiangmo, Vice President of Chang'an University, presided over the opening ceremony

CICTP2020-21 Online Opening Ceremony

At the opening ceremony, Sha Aimin, President of Chang'an University, gave a welcome speech. He said that due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, this conference has been postponed twice, and today it is held successfully in an online manner, which is not easy and highly anticipated. On behalf of Chang'an University, I would like to extend a warm welcome and sincere gratitude to all academicians, experts, leaders and friends from home and abroad who have attended the conference and have been concerned about supporting the construction and development of the university.

Welcome speech by Prof. Sha Aimin, President of Chang'an University

This was followed by speeches by Dr. Wang Zhong, head of the Transportation and Transportation Engineering Division, Department of Engineering and Materials, National Natural Science Foundation of China; Dr. Lin Qiang, deputy director of the Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Transportation; Xu Mingfei, vice mayor of Xi'an; Professor Wang Xiaokun, president of the Overseas Chinese Transportation Association (COTA) and president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Professor Neil Pederson, president of TRB; and Professor David Noyce, president of the Transportation and Development Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Professor Bianshun Jing of Chang'an University Receives COTA Lifetime Achievement Award

The conference presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Prof. Bianshun Jing, the early pioneer and founder of Changan University's traffic information engineering and control discipline and the first dean of Changan University's School of Information Engineering, in recognition of his early participation in the construction of the National School of Electrical and Electronics in Sana'a, Yemen, his two visits to France as a visiting scholar and his outstanding achievements in highway control modeling and theory research, and his outstanding contributions to the training of professional talents in traffic information technology in China.

Professor Wang Jianwei, Vice President of Chang'an University, presided over the presentation

The second half of the opening ceremony of the General Assembly all staff online academic report will be hosted by Chang'an University Vice President Wang Jianwei. Prof. Said Easy, member of Canadian Academy of Engineering, Prof. Zhou Wei, former Chief Engineer of Ministry of Transportation, Prof. Zhai Wanming, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Guan Jizhen, Vice President and Secretary General of China Intelligent Transportation Association, Prof. Zhang Junyi, member of Japanese Academy of Engineering, Prof. Chris Hendrickson, member of American Academy of Engineering and other experts from home and abroad Experts from home and abroad made invited theme reports respectively. At the end of the opening ceremony, more than 50 special forums, more than 300 oral presentations by transportation scholars and 1400 academic posters were held online one after another, with the highest simultaneous online attendance of more than 2000 people.

Prof. Zhai Wanming, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave an academic report

Prof. Said Easa, member of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, gave an academic report

It is reported that this CICTP 2020-21 is one of the largest academic and technology-based international conferences in the field of transportation research in China, and it is the second time Chang'an University hosts the conference. The annual conference received 2128 manuscripts from all over the world and finally accepted 1375 of them, focusing on six major sections: traffic information and control, traffic infrastructure, vehicle utilization engineering, traffic planning and management, traffic safety and behavior, future transportation and modern logistics, which comprehensively reflect the latest research results and application innovations of global transportation scholars.