Chang'an University and University College Dublin Held a Video Conference on Sino-foreign Cooperative Schooling

Date:2022-01-20Resource:auhtor:number of clicks:10

In the afternoon of January 20, the University and the University College DublinUCDheld a video conference for the declaration of the master's level Sino-foreign cooperative schooling program. Paul Fanning, Provost of the UCD in China, the director of CHD International Affairs Department, Graduate School and Chang'an Dublin International Transport College, the dean of the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, the School of Civil Engineering, the School of Building Planning and Environmental Policy and the project leader of the University of Dublin in Ireland attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Jiang Zaiwen, Director of International Affairs Department.


Jiang Zaiwen said that the two universities can further enrich the level of internationalization by carrying out Chinese-foreign cooperative education at master's level, strengthen the cooperation between the two universities in many fields such as mutual visits of teachers, joint training of talents and cooperative scientific research, and promote the common development of the two universities. He hoped that both sides would work together and cooperate closely to promote the application of master-level Sino-foreign cooperative education programs as soon as possible in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Education.


Paul Fanning said that the UCD has a long history of cooperation with CHD, and the cooperation has been fruitful. He said that the UCD will work together with CHD to explore the declaration of master's-level Sino-foreign cooperative programs and strive to make new breakthroughs in Sino-foreign cooperative programs, providing more opportunities for the two universities to develop broad and deep cooperation.


Wang Hainian made a special report on the declaration of the master's program of Sino-foreign cooperation and put forward the cooperation plan of the master's program of Sino-foreign cooperation, taking into account the actual situation of the two universities and the requirements of the Ministry of Education.


After that, the two universities had an in-depth discussion on the feasibility, enrollment plan, faculty construction and other aspects of the master's program.