Our University has been Approved for Two International Cooperation Training Projects for Innovative Talents by The China Scholarship Council

Date:2021-01-25Resource:auhtor:number of clicks:10

Recently, the China Scholarship Council announced the list of 2021 innovative talent international cooperation training projects, and the two newly declared projects of our university have been approved for project funding.

The “China-Europe Road Transport Infrastructure Sustainable Development Innovative Talent Cultivation Project” sponsored by Professor Wang Hainian from the School of Highway and International Affairs led by the International Office can sponsor 12 students to the University of Dublin in Ireland, RWTH Aachen University in Germany, and Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Exchange and cooperate in scientific research. The project sponsors 4 doctoral students, 6 doctoral students for joint training, and 2 visiting scholars each year. The project is approved for a three-year funding period. The three-year rolling funding is 36, and the rolling funding has reached more than 10 million yuan. Professor Li Zhenhong of the School of Geodesy and Geosciences presided over the application of the “International Cooperation and Training Project for Innovative Talents for Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Geological Environment and Disasters Facing the Major Strategic Needs of the Country”, which can sponsor 12 people to the University of Leeds, Brunel University, and Bristol every year The university develops student joint training and scientific research cooperation. The project sponsors 10 joint doctoral training and 2 visiting scholars each year. The approved funding period of the project is three years, 36 people can be funded on a rolling basis in three years, and the rolling funding fund has reached more than 10 million yuan.

Relying on our university's superior disciplines and high-quality international exchange platform, our university has been approved for 2 innovative talent international cooperation training projects in 2020. After the approval of the two new projects, the number of international cooperation training projects for innovative talents in our university has reached 4, plus the recently approved Promotion of International Cooperation and Training Project with Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, a three-year rolling subsidy of 240 People went to relevant cooperative colleges and universities to study and exchange, and the project's rolling funding fund reached more than 60 million yuan.

The Innovative Talents International Cooperation Training Project is based on serving the country's major strategies, promoting comprehensive reforms in the education field, and promoting the construction of double first-class universities, and training more innovative, scarce, and compound international talents. It has now become an international exchange An important platform for cooperation. The implementation of the project will further broaden our university's international talent training channels and promote the internationalization of our university's talent training to a new level.