Our University was Approved for A Top-notch Innovative Talent Platform Construction Project by The China Scholarship Council

Date:2021-01-13Resource:auhtor:number of clicks:19

Recently, a China Scholarship Council “Promoting International Cooperation and Training Project with Russia and Uzbekistan”-Sino-Russian metal additive manufacturing technology (3D printing) top-notch innovative talent platform construction project was approved and funded recently.

The project relies on research platforms such as the Institute of Light Metal Surface Strengthening and the Metal Materials Laboratory of our university, and has a strong cooperation with the Additive Manufacturing Research Center of Tomsk University of Technology, Russia, and jointly guides master and doctoral students, and jointly publishes high-level academic papers, and jointly declares The scientific research project, based on the cooperative construction of a Sino-Russian metal additive manufacturing (metal 3D printing) training base, selects research scholars and masters and doctoral students in related fields from our university to carry out cooperative scientific research in Russia. It plans to cultivate a group of top-notch innovative talents with international vision, global competence, and expertise in the field of additive manufacturing.

The project focuses on selecting teachers and students from the School of Materials Science, Information Engineering, and School of Electronic Control to exchange and study in Russia. It supports 20 people each year and 60 people in three years. The rolling funding amount is nearly 10 million yuan. The funding scope covers visiting scholars, doctoral students, and associates. Ph.D. Pei, master's degree and joint master's degree.

The Russian Tomsk University of Technology ranks first in the Russian Engineering Education Association, the Russian University of Science and Technology ranks second, and the All-Russian comprehensive technical university ranks third. It is also one of the 13 national research universities in Russia. The latest QS Ranked 387th in the world, the school's additive (3D printing) manufacturing technology ranks first in Russia.