Senegal's Ambassador to China Mamadou Ndiaye and His Delegation Visited Chang’an University

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On December 29, Mamadou Ndiaye, the ambassador of the Republic of Senegal to China, paid a visit to Chang’an University (CHD), where he was received by and held talk with CHD President Sha Aimin and Vice President Zhao Xiangmo in the VIP guest reception room.


Sha Aimin extended a warm welcome to Ambassador Mamadou Ndiaye and his entourage. He said that school-enterprise cooperation to train international students is a good measure for the all-win outcome of schools, enterprises, and the country of the students concerned, with 102 trainees completing their training under the program in association with China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) by the end of 2020. He hoped that CHD, CRBC, and Senegal can communicate more with each other to explore new ideas and new plans for expanding international education cooperation, deepening cooperation, and jointly develop the training programs of international students that will satisfy overseas students, enterprises, and the country of students, based on the mutual advantages and pooled efforts. CHD will continue to intensify its efforts in teaching, management and services, and implement the special cooperation agreements for the training of students in Senegal, and it will also try to have more excellent students of Senegal covered by the Chinese Government Scholarship, the Xi’an “One Belt and One Road” Scholarship and the “China-Africa Friendship” scholarships offered by the Chinese Ministry of Education and Ministry of Transport , to improve the quality of school-enterprise cooperation, and provide more outstanding talents for the development of countries along the Belt and Road including Senegal.


Zhao Xiangmo pointed out that during the pandemic, CHD has made every effort to prevent and control the COVID-19 pandemic for the international students on campus, and effectively achieved “non-stop teaching and non-stop learning on postponement” and meticulous management of international students on multiple campuses. With caring and practical help offered, the international students of CHDare all staying physically and mentally healthy in a safe and stable environment.


Mamadou Ndiaye expressed his appreciation for the efficient management and achievements of CHD’s international education, and pointed out that the cooperative relationship between China and Senegal is solid and stable. The Senegal’s education authorities attach great importance to the academic cooperation with China’s colleges and universities. CHD's cooperation in training international students is not only a manifestation of the close cooperation between the two parties, but also the establishment of a common vision for the future. The cooperative training of foreign students will write a new chapter in the friendship between China and Senegal.


After the meeting, Ambassador Mamadou Ndiaye and his delegation attended the symposium on the Senegalese international students under the training program of Chang'an University-China Road and Bridge Cooperation.The ambassador  placed high hopes on the 15 international students who are in the Year 2017 class and encouraged them to study hard, master professional knowledge, and make contributions to the construction of the motherland. The Senegalese student representatives Ma Ting and Gao Fei gave speeches respectively, in which they said that they would cherish the opportunity to learn something useful and become a friendly messenger of China-Senegal exchanges, who will build a road of friendship and a bridge of cooperation together with the Chinese people.