CHD and Tomsk Polytechnic University Signed an Inter-school Cooperation Agreement

Date:2020-06-11Resource:auhtor:number of clicks:367

In order to further promote the exchange and cooperation between our university and the world's high-level universities, recently our president Sha Aimin and President of Tomsk Polytechnic University, Victor V. Dyomin, signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement on behalf of the two universities.


According to the agreement, in order to promote inter-school education and academic exchanges, and strive to cultivate high-level international talents and scientific research, the two sides will deeply integrate the advantages of both disciplines on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages, mutual cooperation, and common development. Further deepen cooperation in areas such as mutual visits of teachers, joint training of students, Sino-foreign cooperatively ran universities, and cooperative scientific research.


Tomsk Polytechnic University ranks first in the Russian Engineering Education Association, ranks second in the Russian Technical University, ranks third in the all-Russian comprehensive technical university, and ranks 387th in QS global ranking in 2020. The university is one of the 13 national research universities in Russia, with outstanding advantages in science and engineering disciplines and fruitful talent cultivation. The university's material science and engineering disciplines rank among the top three in Russia. Additive manufacturing technology (3D printing) ranks first in Russia and cooperates with the Russian Space Agency in this technical field to complete the preparation, lauch, and running on track of the world’s first small satellite using 3D printing technology. The university has trained more than 150,000 high-level management technical talents, including more than 500 international academic masters including the founder of the periodic table of chemical elements, Nobel Prize winners, and academicians.