CHD Successfully Held the Signing Ceremony with Cambodia Ministry of Public Works and Transport Hun Sen CollegeChang'an University Successfully Held the Signing Ceremony with Cambodia Ministry of Public Works and Transport Hun Sen College

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On the morning of June 15, the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between Chang'an University, Hun Sen College of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Cambodia (TSIPWT), and China Road and Bridge Engineering Co. EM Nithara, Vice Minister of Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Cambodia, HOEURNSomnieng, President of TSIPWT, Zhou Yong, General Manager of China Road & Bridge Cambodia Office, Fan Wen, Vice President of Chang'an University, Zhang Wei, Dean of Chang'an University College of International Education, and relevant persons in charge of the three parties attended the conference to witness this important moment.


The venue

In her speech, EMNithara congratulated the smooth cooperation between the two universities and thanked Chang'an University for the great attention and careful preparation for this cooperation. She pointed out that this cooperation can promote TSIPWT graduates to meet the market demand with a high-quality education background in their professional field, and the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Cambodia hopes that the cooperation will be more fruitful in the future.


Pham Van briefly introduced the history, development status, and international student training of Changan University. He pointed out that the cooperation between the two universities will not only train excellent engineers for the Cambodian side but also cultivate a group of senior talents who know China and are friendly to China. He hoped that with the support of the relevant departments on the Cambodian side and the China Road and Bridge, the two universities would cooperate fully in joint education, student exchange, and teacher exchange, and make new contributions to the friendship between China and Cambodia.


HOEURNSomnieng introduced the situation of TSIPWT in terms of student training and pointed out that TSIPWT is an emerging institute in Cambodia, aiming at training senior engineers and technicians in the field of transportation for the Cambodian side, and looked forward to more cooperation between the two schools in the future.


Zhang Wei introduced the background of the establishment of the project and hoped that both sides would actively dock the resources of the two universities, jointly give policy and measure support, and provide platform support and resource guarantee for collaborative development.


Zhou Yong said that China Road and Bridge will actively participate in the cooperation project between the two schools and give full support in the implementation of this project, to build a brick-and-mortar friendship between China and Cambodia.


After the meeting, both sides signed a contract on cooperation matters.


The Chinese and Cambodian governments highly value the cooperation, and China's Minister of Transport Li Xiaopeng met with Cambodia's Minister of State and Public Works and Transport Sun Chamthor by video on June 22, 2021. Li Xiaopeng pointed out that China encourages and supports the cooperation between relevant transport universities and the Cambodian Public Works and Transport Training Institute to promote new progress in transport education cooperation between the two countries. Sun Zhantou expressed the hope that the Chinese transport sector to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the Cambodian side, the Cambodian public works, and transport training colleges to provide teaching, teachers, and other aspects of help, to provide high-quality transport for its national development.