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Specially-invited Professor of Yangtze Scholar


Chen Jianxun is a specially-invited professor of Yangtze Scholar of our university, leading talent of National Creative Talent Progress Program, professor and supervisor of PhD candidates of Chang’an University, standing director of Underground Engineering Brunch of Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering, standing committee member of Young Scientists Committee of China Communications and Transportation Association, committee member of Tunnel and Underground Engineering Brunch of China Civil Engineering Society, committee member of Tunnel Engineering Brunch of China Highway Association, editor of Journal of Chang’an University (Natural Science Edition), Modern Tunneling Technology, and Journal of Architecture and Civil Engineering. He has long been engaged in theory and applied research of highway and tunnel engineering in western district’s complicated environment, and achieved a serials of important research achievements in loess tunnel supporting theory and technology, tunnel frozen damage mechanism and control theory in cold area, and surveying method and technology in tunnel construction and monitoring. He has hosted 39 research programs in national level, provincial level and important engineering core technology, and has been awarded one special award, three first prizes, one second prize and four third prizes in provincial and ministerial level, and one second prize of National Teaching Achievement Award.



Chair Professor of Yangtze Scholar


You Zhanping is chair professor of Yangtze scholar at our university, the tenured professor at Michigan Technological University, and the director of transportation materials research center of Michigan Technological University. His research interests focus on microstructure and modeling method of asphalt mixtures, and on performance optimization and testing method of asphalt mixtures. You has conducted a number of research projects of US federal agencies with a total research grant of $ 3.1 million.





Specially-invited Professor of “Hundred Talents Program”


Jiang Mingjing is a specially-invited professor of “Hundred Talents Program” at our university. He is a professor and supervisor of PhD candidates of Geotechnical Engineering at Tongji University. He is also a Guest Editor of International SCI Journal of Granular Matter and a foreign researcher of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). He has long been engaged in macro and micro test, constitutive theory and numerical simulation of sand, unsaturated loess and structural soil, analysis of soil gradual destruction theory and strain localization, and mechanism analysis of Static Sounding. A number of his research achievements have reached the internationally advanced level.



Liu Ce is a specially-invited professor of “Hundred Talents Program” at our university. He is a tenured professor and supervisor of PhD candidates at US University of Houston. At the same time, he is a senior member of International Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), and a member of Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS). He is mainly engaged in studies on Intelligent Transportation, Non-destructive Testing and electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic waves. He has obtained high attainments in road construction and pavement intelligent detection, especially in the development of highway pavement non-destructive testing, dynamic weighing, short-distance wireless communication and Dayton ID technology and their application in the field of transportation, which is at internationally advanced level.



Dai Zhenxue, a specially-invited professor of “Hundred Talents Program” at our university. He is a professional scientist of US Los Alamos National Laboratory as well as a guest professor of the US Florida State University. Mainly devoted to studies on migration and transformation of hydrogeology and radio nuclides in soil and water environment, he has presided over a number of research projects of the US National Science Foundation Committee and the US Department of Energy, and published 36 papers in internationally renowned journals, which have been widely cited



Wang Weixing, Swedish nationality, presently is a professor and supervisor of PhD candidates at Chang’an University as well as a specially-invited expert of “Hundred Talents Program” by Shannxi province. He obtained the doctor degree in Image Processing in 1994 and postdoctoral degree in Machine Vision in 1997 at Swedish Royal Institute of Technology. He successively served as the technical manager at Swedish IMENCO Company and I PACS Company, adjunct professor and supervisor of PhD candidates at the Royal Institute of Technology. Prof. Wang has been engaged in application of image processing and machine vision into geotechnical engineering. With a total funding about 60 million RMB, he has taken charge of 9 international projects (including 4 EU projects), 8 national projects (4 Swedish and 4 Chinese), over 10 provincial and ministerial projects and dozens of horizontal projects. He has published more than 200 papers, over 130 of which were retrieved and included by SCI and EI. Besides, he developed nearly ten sets of information application systems with different functions, which have been recognized to be at internationally advanced level.



Qian Yizhi, a professor of US New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), is also a member of US Sigma Xi, ASCE, ASEE, TRB and ITE, editorial board member of Journal of Enterprise Information Management as well as assistant editor of Journal of Advanced Transportation. His research areas cover dynamic travel time prediction under congested traffic network; Numerical Simulation of transportation systems; application of artificial intelligence in transportation, public transport system operation and technology. Prof. Qian has made significant research achievements and breakthroughs in the following fields: construction, integration and optimization of multiple transportation systems; development, evaluation and application of ITS; development, design and application of traffic flow simulation systems; evaluation, operation management and optimization of public transport system; traffic impact analysis, evaluation and optimization of road maintenance. Besides, he has published more than 100 papers, with 46 included in SCI and 48 included in EI. During the past five years, he has taken charge of 14 scientific research projects, 10 identification projects, and 10 programs reaching internationally advanced levels. In addition, he has won 8 international academic awards.


Wang Zhi is a tenured professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences Department of US California State University (FRESNO Campus). In recent years, he has published over 50 papers in international journals, 20 international conference papers and delivered 60 speeches on international conferences. In addition, he has presided 7 projects of US National Science Foundation, Environmental Program of US Defense Department, California Environmental Protection Agency, California Water Resources Agency with research funding about $2 million. Besides, he presently serves as the chief editor of GSTF Journal of Geological Sciences. His academic expertise mainly focus on water conservancy engineering, water resources and environmental geology, and his main research experiences include: surface water, groundwater and soil water dynamics, groundwater salinization and pollution analysis; applications of geostatistics and GIS; effects of global climate change and inter-basin water transfer on regional hydrological ecology; water and soil conservation, rain-fed agriculture as well as gaseous water use in arid and semi-arid areas; development of water distribution optimization of irrigation canal system, water measurement technique and water-saving irrigation technology.


Zhang Zhanmin, tenured professor of the Transportation Engineering of the University of Texas at Austin, is distinguished guest professor of Chang'an University, and "One Hundred Talents” distinguished expert of Shaanxi Province. His main research interests include 1) Analysis and simulation of large-scale infrastructure systems with focus on transportation infrastructure; 2) Robust maintenance policies, optimal resource allocations of infrastructure systems; 3) innovative financing mechanisms for infrastructure systems, e.g. public-private partnership investment; 4) Intelligent infrastructure systems. In recent five years, Zhang has conducted and completed more than 40 research projects sponsored by Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and US Department of Transportation (USDOT), and has published over 100 research papers.


Zhao Yaqian is one of Shaanxi Province “One Hundred Talents” distinguished experts, the doctorate graduate of University of Strathclyde in Scotland and the post-doctor of Queen’s University in England. Zhao is now the associate head of Department of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering (focusing on scientific study and innovation), doctoral supervisor, the director of Water Environment Lab, the executive director of the Irish Engineers Institution (IEI), the member of experts committee which specializes in constructed wetland and sludge treatment of International Water Association, the editor and deputy editor of four international journals including Water Science & Technology, and the guest reviewer of international journals. Dr. Zhao has conducted a series of original studies in such fields as wastewater treatment in constructed wetland, wastewater deoxidization and deoxidization removal, and sludge regulation, dewatering and reuse. Dr. Zhao, as an international leading researcher in constructed wetland field, has published about 167 English research papers including 95 journal articles, among which 83 articles are included in SCI with the highest impact factor of 7.409. The research findings of Dr. Zhao and his team has been successively reported by the Ireland Engineers Association Journal, the Irish Engineers Institution Journal and The Irish Times—the most widely circulated newspaper.




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