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(Taiwan)Chung Hua University’s Delegation of Teachers and Students Visited CHD
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On the morning of November 26, a delegation of 32 teachers and students from (Taiwan) Chung Hua University’s visited our university. The school held a welcome ceremony in the conference center of Beichen building of Weishui campus, and vice president Zhao Xiangmo attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. The welcome ceremony was presided over by Jiang zaiwen, director of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office.


Vice president Zhao Xiangmo welcomed the visit of the delegation of teachers and students of CHU. He introduced to the delegation the basic situation of the development of our university and the exchange and cooperation between our university and CHU. He pointed out that the two universities have carried out practical cooperation in the areas of mutual visits of teachers, student exchanges and joint holding of academic conferences. Students from Chung Hua University are welcomed to come to our university for short-term exchange study or master's degree and PHD. He hoped to take the research and academic exchanges of the delegation as an opportunity to further experience the profound Chinese culture, the profound history and culture of Shaanxi Province, deepen mutual understanding, continue to promote cooperation and exchanges between the two universities in more fields, and promote exchanges and interactions between young teachers and students on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, draw closer the feelings of young people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and help them Cultural exchange and cooperation in higher education will make more contributions to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


On behalf of the visiting teachers and students, the head of the delegation, associate professor Gong Ailing of (Taiwan)Chung Hua University thanked the school for its warm reception. She said that through the introduction of vice president Zhao Xiangmo and the intuitive experience during the visit to the university, she learned that Chang'an University is an influential institution of higher education in the mainland, with outstanding school running characteristics and profound cultural heritage, which has made great contributions to the development of infrastructure construction industry. She pointed out that through several days of research activities, she further enhanced her understanding of the mainland, deeply appreciated the charm of the integration of Xi'an history and modern, classical and fashion, and personally realized the profound and enduring vitality of Chinese culture. She said that in the future, she would continue to work to promote exchanges and cooperation between the two universities and further promote the establishment of closer cooperative relations between the two universities.


The Meeting


During the visit, the teachers and students of CHU visited the History Museum and the Transportation Museum of our university.


Visiting the Museum

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