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Kevin Griffin, Director of UCD Registry, Visited CHD
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On November 18, Kevin Griffin, director of UCD registry, Andrew Myler, director of the administrative service of UCD, and Karen MacHugh, director of UCD Assessment service of UCD, visited our university. Vice President Zhao Xiangmo, in company with the responsible people of Office of Teaching Affairs, Educational Technology and Network Center,Office of International Cooperation as well as School of Highway Engineering, met with the guests in the VIP room of Beichen Building of Weishui Campus.


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo welcomed Professor Kevin Griffin and other guests. He briefly introduced our university’s history, scale, discipline characteristics, personnel training, international exchange and cooperation, and focused on the continuous deepening of the international cooperation between UCD and CHD. He pointed out that over the years, Chang’an University had been committed to internationalization, constantly giving full play to its discipline characteristics, and already trained a large number of high-level engineering and technical management talents for the infrastructure construction industry; and that its alumni and scientific research team had been deeply involved and played an important role in many major projects in the field of infrastructure construction. He said that the cooperation between UCD and CHD had a long history and especially mentioned the fruitful cooperation between the two universities in cultivating talents, which set a good example for other kinds of cooperation. He hoped to take director Kevin Griffin's visit as an opportunity and the trend of the in-depth development of sino-foreign cooperative education as a driving force, to continuously promote the all-round cooperation between CHD and UCD.


Director Kevin Griffin expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome, appreciated the outstanding contributions made by CHD in the field of infrastructure construction, and highly agreed with vice president Zhao Xiangmo's idea of cooperation. He pointed out that Chang 'an University was a high-level university with distinctive academic features, strong educational strength and outstanding social contributions. He said the cooperation between the two universities had a solid foundation, remarkable results and promising prospects. He stressed that the visit was aimed at discussing and solving related matters concerning the joint application for Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools and hope that both universities took the cooperative education as an opportunity to push forward their comprehensive and deep cooperation and to establish a closer partnership.


Vice president Zhao Xiangmo spoke with director Kevin Griffin


After the meeting, director Kevin Griffin, along with his companions and the responsible people of Office of Teaching Affairs, Educational Technology and Network Center, Office of International Cooperation as well as School of Highway Engineering, had an in-depth exchange of their views on the specific issues of promoting the cooperative education of the two universities in the Cooperative Education Base.


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