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Deputy Director of  International Department of MOE, Mr. Fang Jun and His Entourage Comes to CHD
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On the morning of September 28th, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department of the Ministry of Education, Fang Jun, Deputy Director of the Foreign-related Supervision and Education Office, Wang Yi, The Department of Foreign Affairs and Exchange of the Department of Education of Shaanxi Province, Wen Tong, and their entourage came to our university to investigate the implementation of chinese-foreign cooperative education.Secretary Chen Feng, President Sha Aimin and Vice President Zhao Xiangmo attended the meeting. The relevant responsible people of President Office、Office of Teaching Affairs、Personnel Office、Office of International Cooperation、School of Highway Engineering and School of Automobile Engineering.


Deputy Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department of the Ministry of Education, Fang Jun,came to our university to investigate the implementation of chinese-foreign cooperative education


On behalf of our university, Secretary Chen feng extended a warm welcome to Deputy Director Fang Jun and his delegation to our school for investigation and research, and expressed sincere gratitude to the International Department of the Ministry of Education for its long-term care and support for the internationalization of the school. He introduced the basic situation of our university from the aspects of giving full play to characteristics of the disciplines of our university, taking the initiative to meet the major strategic needs of the national industry, and actively serving the local economic and social development. He pointed out that under the strong leadership of the leading party group of the Ministry of Education, Chang 'an university continued to play its characteristics and advantages in serving the national "One Belt And One Road" initiative, "traffic power" and other major strategies, provided important intellectual support and talent guarantee for the in-depth participation in major infrastructure construction projects at home and abroad, and contributed its due strength to the development of the national infrastructure construction industry. He hoped that the International Department of the Ministry of Education would give more attention, guidance and support to the university in its future internationalized education, so as to provide a strong boost for the improvement of the level of the university's internationalized education and promote the sustained and rapid development of the overall cause of the university.


From the strategic height of driving the "double first-class" construction of the university, President Sha Aimin introduced the basic conception of driving the overall cause of the university to develop rapidly through the internationalization, and introduced the international running situation of our university from the aspect of personnel training. He said, the universityhad always been committed to the international talent training mode to exploration and innovation, relying on the strength of transportation engineering disciplines of the international engineering class was established on the characteristics and advantages, launched the Chinese-foreign cooperation in tertiary education project of the University of Dublin, and the University of Ireland, formed the students university-enterprise cooperation characteristic cultivation model train, and actively with the "area" national well-known colleges and universities and Chinese traffic enterprise cooperation to promote overseas education project, to build a relatively comprehensive cultivation system of internationalized talents, gradually formed its own characteristics of internalized education, and won the good social repercussions.


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo introduced the sino-foreign cooperative education. He pointed out that with the strong support of the superior authorities, the sino-foreign cooperative education project between Chang’an University and the University of Dublin in road, bridge and river crossing engineering had been running well and been well received by teachers, students and parents since it started two years ago and that in order to further enhance the international atmosphere of the school, vigorously improve the level of international running of the school, and create an international demonstration brand of the school, our school had decided to jointly apply for a Chinese-foreign cooperative education on the basis of the original cooperation with the University of Dublin. Now the declaration work had been basically ready, hope to continue to receive the strong support of the International Department of the Ministry of Education.


Deputy Director of the International Department of the Ministry of Education Fang Jun briefly introduced the main purpose of this survey and gave high comments on the remarkable achievements of our university in giving full play to the discipline characteristics, promoting the opening of national education to the outside world, serving the national "One Belt And One Road" initiative and promoting local economic development. He pointed out that in the development of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running universities, we should highly conform to the development strategy of the party and the country, earnestly implement the party's education policy, thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the national education conference, introduce world-class resources, improve the quality and efficiency of running universities as the focus of our work. He said that both CHD and the University of Dublin had a strong desire to cooperate, that the foundation of cooperation is solid, and that the running strength of both sides is strong. He hoped that our university could take the opportunity of the in-depth development of sino-foreign cooperative education as an opportunity to actively expand the breadth and depth of foreign cooperation and exchange, comprehensively promote the reform and innovation of teaching and scientific research of our university, continuously stimulate the running of our university, further enhance the running strength and level, and make new and greater contributions to the opening up of national education.


During the research and exchange, Deputy Director of the International Department of the Ministry of Education Fang Jun and his delegation, accompanied by the university leaders, visited the research platform of new road surface technology and accelerated loading, and the research platform of human-vehicle-road collaborative innovation. Subsequently, fieldwork base for Chinese-foreign cooperation in running universities in our university, listened to the base of our university and the university of Dublin, Ireland, head of the detailed report on the performance of the Chinese-foreign cooperation in education project, and the management mechanism, introduce basic conditions, the high quality resources, cooperation subject characteristics and advantages, the education teaching quality guarantee, guarantee of the rights and interests of teachers and students, student enrollment, etc to the participants in our university has carried on the detailed understanding and conducted in-depth exchanges.


Visiting our new pavement technology and accelerated loading research platform


Visiting human-car-road collaborative innovation research platform


Listening to the report on the operation of Sino-foreign cooperative education projects in our university



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