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CHD Held a Promotion Meeting for the Bidding of Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Education Institutions
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The meeting was hosted by Jiang Zaiwen, director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange.Vice President Zhao Xiangmo affirmed the achievements on the bidding work made by the Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions.He said that although the preparation of the application materials had been initially completed, there were still many aspects that needed to be improved. He alsoput forward guidance on the framework of the relevant materials, logical relations, and statement expression.He emphasized that the bidding for Chinese-foreign cooperative education institutions had reached the stage of decisiveness.He asked the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange to strengthen overall planning and further refine the division of labor and that veryschool and related functional departments should perform their respective duties, strengthen coordination and cooperation, and do a good job in checking and replenishing the application materials to ensure the quality of the materials.He further highlighted that in the process of improving the quality of the application materials, it was necessary to ensure the compliance and integrity of these materials; in key parts, it was necessary to highlight the brightspots as well as feature and pay due attention to details so as to successfully complete the application of the application materials.




Vice President Zhao Xiangmo delivers a speech


Director of the Office of International Cooperation and ExchangeJiang Zaiwenintroduced the current condition about the writing of application materials and explained the relevant clauses in detail. The participating units discussed about the terms, including cooperation guarantees, responsibilities and obligations of both parties, management guidelines, enrollment plans, financial and asset management, academic standards and quality assurance, faculty benefits of such application materials as the aspects of cooperation agreement, agency charter, applicationsummary and feasibility report.Other related provisions were also discussed, and corresponding amendments proposed.


Sino-foreign cooperative education institution bidding work promotion meeting

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