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Alejandro ESCUDEROYERRO, Vice President of the La Rochelle Business School, visited CHD
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From September 9th to 11th, Alejandro ESCUDEROYERRO, Vice President of the La Rochelle Business School, visited our university. Vice President Zhao Xiangmo met with the visitor at the VIP Room of BeiChen Building on the North Campus. Heads of the Office of the International Cooperation and Exchange and the School of Economics and Management attended the meeting.



Vice President of the La Rochelle Business SchoolAlejandro ESCUDERO YERRO visits our university


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo welcomed the visit of Vice President Alejandro ESCUDERO YERRO. He briefed the guest on the history and runbig scaleof Chang’an university,the characteristics ofour university’s disciplines, as well as the basic situation of talent cultivation and mainly introducedhowour university promoted the international exchange and cooperation by giving full play to the advantages of our disciplines and specialty. Zhao Xiangmo pointed out that Chang’an Universityhad been committed to internationalized development for many years, constantly taking advantage of its own characteristics, and had cultivated a large number of high-calibre engineering and technical management talents for the infrastructure construction industry and that alumni and research teams have deeply participated and played an important role in major engineering construction projects in the field of infrastructure construction. He mentioned that the disciplines of the two universities had their own characteristics and complementary advantages which provided broad space for their cooperation. He hoped to take the visit of vice President Alejandro ESCUDEROYERRO as an opportunity to actively discuss the cooperation between the two universities in the major of logistics management, so as to lay a solid foundation and set a good example for the all-round cooperation between the two universities in personnel joint training, teacher exchange visits and cooperative scientific researches.


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo talks with Vice PresidentAlejandro ESCUDERO YERRO


Vice President Alejandro ESCUDEROYERRO expressed his gratitude to the warm reception of our university and appreciation for the outstanding contribution made by Chang’an University in the field of infrastructure construction. He agreed with the cooperation plan advanced by Vice President Zhao Xiangmo and also gave a brief introduction to the basic situation of the La Rochelle Business School. He pointed out that through this visit he learned that Chang'an University is a high-level university with distinctive characteristics, strong educational strength and excellent social service and that La Rochelle Business School was very willing to carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with Chang'an University. He also emphasized that the aim of his visit was to discuss about the cooperation between the two universities in the major of business management of business logistics so that through furthering the cooperation in running schools, the two universities would continue to promote their all-round and in-depth cooperation and strive to establish a closer partnership.


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