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CHD-UCD Jointly Bid for The Work Conference of Sino-foreign Cooperative Education Institutions Held
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On August 28-30, CHD-UCD jointly sponsored the Sino-foreign cooperative education institution and UCD delegation to come to the school to conduct the education and teaching quality work exchange meeting held in our school. Vice President of UCD, Professor Mark Rogers, Assistant Vice President Paul Professor Fanning, Director of Strategic Development Tony Carey, Director of Teaching Quality Department Dr. Roy Ferguson, Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine Professor Michael Doherty, Director of Marketing Department BeiGao, Vice President Zhao Xiangmo and International Department, School of Engineering, Academic Affairs Office, Personnel Department The main person in charge of the letter network office, library, highway college and automobile college attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Jiang Zaiwen, Director of the International Department. Before the meeting, Vice President Zhao Xiangmo met with visitors in the VIP room of the Academic Exchange Center.


Vice-President Zhao Xiangmo first expressed his appreciation to the delegation for their dedicated efforts to promote the joint bidding for Chinese-foreign cooperative education institutions and field visits to the quality of education and teaching in our university, and expressed appreciation for the fruitful work of UCD in promoting the bid for the Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions. He briefly introduced the development of the university, and highlighted the latest progress and main problems of the recent promotion of the bidding work of the Chinese-foreign cooperative education institutions. He said that the university attaches great importance to the bidding work of Chinese-foreign cooperative education institutions, and has established a working mechanism for school co-ordination, leading by the international department, relevant departments and colleges to ensure the orderly development of the promotion work. He emphasized that with the joint efforts of both sides, the bidding work has made significant progress and produced good results. He hoped that through the successful convening of the meeting, the consensus will be gathered, the forces will be gathered, the common ground while reserving differences and the development will be inclusive and further efforts will be made to ensure the smooth completion of the application.


The head of the delegation, Vice President Mark Rogers, expressed his strong support for the cooperation proposal put forward by Vice President Zhao Xiangmo, and expressed appreciation for the efficient work of Chang’an University in promoting the bid for the Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions. He said that UCD attaches great importance to the bidding work with the Chinese-foreign cooperative education institutions of our school. In particular, in the past two months, significant progress has been made through vigorous promotion by both sides. He pointed out that the special trip to our school to study the conditions for running a school is an important step and key measure to accelerate the bidding work. He hoped that through this exchange visit, the two sides will continue to strengthen communication and exchanges, effectively coordinate and discuss relevant issues, and lay a solid foundation for promoting the bidding for Chinese-foreign cooperative education institutions.


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo met with visitors


At the meeting, the two sides focused on the top-level design, management mechanism, basic conditions for running schools, quality education and teaching guarantee, teacher and student rights protection and development prospects, international campus construction, cooperation mode, school level, school scale, enrollment, Management agency responsibilities and work promotion mechanism, student status management, teaching quality and evaluation system construction, professional and degree certification, student learning ability improvement, student financial risk and academic risk, family difficulties student support policy, student complaints and feedback, students Exit mechanism, teacher academic ability improvement, teacher incentive mechanism and career prospect planning, teacher insurance purchase, foreign teacher office and accommodation conditions, teaching and training facilities, education and teaching resources sharing, international campus culture atmosphere and other specific issues and our school The unit conducted in-depth exchanges and extensive discussions, and the two universities reached broad agreement on the basic issues of joint bidding for Chinese-foreign cooperative education institutions.


CHD-UCD Jointly Sponsors the Working Conference of Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Organizations


After the meeting, the delegation visited the Changan Culture and Art Center, the Sino-foreign cooperative education base, the key laboratory of the special area highway engineering education department, the automatic driving closed field test base, and the automobile transportation safety guarantee technology transportation accompanied by Vice President Zhao Xiangmo. Key Laboratory of Industry, Key Laboratory of Transportation New Energy Development, Application and Automobile Energy Conservation, Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Provincial Road Traffic Intelligent Detection and Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center.


Visiting the laboratory



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