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Delegation from UCD visited CHD
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From August 28th to 30th, a delegation of Chinese-foreign cooperatives from UCD headed by Vice-President Mark Rogers visited CHD. Mr. Sha Aimin met with visitors at the VIP room of Beichen Building in Weishui Campus. The person in charge of the Personnel Department, the International Office, the Highway College, and the School of Automobiles accompanied the meeting.


President Sha Aimin meets with Vice President Mark Rogers


President Sha Aimin welcomed the delegation of UCD and expressed his gratitude to UCD for its efforts in deepening the cooperation between the two universities. He introduced the basic situation of the school to promote international education in recent years. He pointed out that the two universities have built a profound friendship over the years and carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation, especially since the cooperation in running schools; the links have been closer and achieved landmark results. He said that the achievement of these achievements is mainly based on the deep international cooperation between the two sides. The key lies in the long-term cooperation between the two sides. In the future, the university will continue to strengthen cooperation on the basis of the existing cooperation between the two sides, and strive to successfully jointly bid for Chinese-foreign cooperative education institutions and deepen the model of cooperation between the two universities. He stressed that the relevant responsible units in the university should take the opportunity of the delegation to inspect the education and teaching quality of our school as an opportunity to seriously summarize, sort out the problems and summarize them in time to lay a solid foundation for further promoting the internationalization of the university.


Vice-Chancellor Mark Rogers of UCD expressed his gratitude to the warm reception of the University and expressed his strong support for the cooperation proposal put forward by President Sha Aimin. He briefly introduced the development of tUCD. He pointed out that UCD cherishes the cooperation and exchanges with CHD and is committed to deep-level cooperation in a wide range of fields. The joint bidding for Chinese-foreign cooperative education institutions is a typical interpretation of the two universities' in-depth cooperation and common development. He said that through field visits, the school has a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the subject construction, personnel training, faculty construction, scientific research, international cooperation, etc. The delegation believes that our university has a profound foundation and internationalization. The university atmosphere is strong, the style of teaching and learning is rigorous, and the conditions for running a school are excellent. He hopes that the declaration of this cooperative education institution will be a complete success, and as a result, it will continue to promote the pragmatic cooperation between the two universities and strive to promote a closer and closer cooperation relationship between the two universities.


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