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The Meeting of The Bidding of Chinese-foreign Cooperative Education Institution is Held
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On the afternoon of August 22nd, the Sino-foreign cooperative education institution's bidding promotion work and the work coordination meeting of the Dublin University Education and Teaching Quality Study Group were held in the second conference room of the Lishui Campus Conference Center. Vice President Zhao Xiangmo attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The relevant officials from the International Office, the Ministry of Education, the Academic Affairs Office, the Personnel Office, the Information Network Office, the Youth League Committee, the Library, the Highway College and the Automobile College attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Jiang Zaiwen, Director of the International Division.



Speech of Vice President Zhao Xiangmo


Vice-president Zhao Xiangmo first affirmed the effectiveness of the recent bidding for Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions. He further emphasized the background of the bid to host a Chinese-foreign cooperative education institution under the new situation and the significance of the "double first-class" construction of the school and the long-term development of the school. He asked all units to fully understand the arduousness of the current bidding work and the urgency of the time. It is necessary to strengthen coordination and cooperation, to build synergy, to grasp the progress, to pay more attention to quality, to be good at grasping the total, and to ensure that the time is high. Efficiently complete the submission of the application materials. Next, he focused on the overall deployment of the University of Dublin delegation from August 29th to 30th to visit our school to study the conditions for Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools. In his speech, he pointed out that the first is to attach great importance to it. It is necessary to fully realize the significance of this investigation in the process of bidding for a Sino-foreign cooperative education institution. All responsible units should strengthen organization and coordination according to the inspection reception plan and unit task division. Good task decomposition to ensure supervision and implementation. Second, it is necessary to prepare carefully. All responsible units should prepare for the internationalization atmosphere before the University of Dublin delegation to study in advance according to the task division, the pre-assessment and display of the software and hardware conditions, the questions and answers, and the supporting materials. Third, we must pay close attention to the details, we must effectively arrange the various tasks, and timely check the omissions in the preparatory work, and take effective solutions to highlight the university's open and inclusive philosophy. The long-term people pursue the spirit of excellence and comprehensively demonstrate the university's strong school-running strength and good university conditions.


The coordination meeting


At the meeting, the Director of the International Department, Jiang Zaiwen, gave a detailed explanation on the arrangement of the investigation activities of the University of Dublin delegation, the division of tasks of the inquiry department and the question of the inquiry. The responsible persons of each unit of the meeting conducted in-depth discussions on issues related to the inspection activities.

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