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The Promotion Meeting of Sino-foreign Cooperative Education Institution Is Held
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On the morning of July 24th, the promotion meeting of the Sino-foreign cooperative education institution of our university was held in the fifth conference room of the Academic Exchange Center of the Ministry to arrange the task of setting up Sino-foreign cooperative education. Vice President Zhao Xiangmo attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The relevant officials of the Academic Affairs Office, Graduate School, Financial Planning Department, International Office, Highway College and Automobile College attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Jiang Zaiwen, Director of the International Division.


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo speaks


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo first briefly introduced the background and nature of the bidding for the Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions. He pointed out that under the overall situation of the current internationalization of higher education, the bid to establish a Sino-foreign cooperative education institution is a serious study of the spirit of the speech by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the National Education Conference in September 2018. The programmatic documents such as the State Administration's "Several Opinions on Doing a Good Job in the Opening Up of Education in the New Era" and other important requirements for vigorously promoting the internationalization strategy of school-running. He stressed that the school has attached great importance to the work of internationalization in recent years. Last year, the school held the first internationalization work conference and issued the "Implementation Opinions of Chang'an University on Comprehensively Promoting Internationalization Construction", which made a general plan for the internationalization of the school. The bid to establish a Sino-foreign cooperative education institution is an important part of implementing the spirit of the conference, thoroughly implementing the "Implementation Opinions" and promoting the development of the university's internationalization strategy.


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo has put forward several requirements for the bidding work of Chinese-foreign cooperative education institutions: First, relevant departments and colleges should fully realize that Sino-foreign cooperative education is of great significance to promoting the construction of “double first-class” and enhancing the internationalization level of personnel training. Second, relevant departments and colleges must attach great importance to the idea, unify their thinking, do a good job of mobilizing, and translate their ideological understanding into work. Third, we must master the methods, work hard, and the departments and colleges set up a special working group as soon as possible. We will carry out all the preparatory work in an orderly manner, coordinate and cooperate with each other, and complete the tasks in a limited time with quality, quantity and order.


Promotion meeting of our university's Sino-foreign cooperative education institution


At the meeting, Director Jiang Zaiwen clearly defined the division of labor and the completion of tasks for the relevant departments and colleges. The responsible persons of the Academic Affairs Office, the Graduate School, the Finance Department, the Highway College, and the Automobile College held heated discussions on each sub-item and reached a consensus on the specific work program.

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