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A Group of Four American Academic Delegations Visited CHD
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On the morning of July 9, Professor Panos D. Prevedouros, Dean of the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Hawaii, Mano, Dr. David Yang, Executive Chairman of the American Automobile Association Transportation Safety Foundation, Professor Aemal Khattak, Deputy Director of the Central Transportation Center, and Professor Asad Khattak of the University of Tennessee I was invited to come to our school for an exchange visit. Vice President Zhao Xiangmo met with the visitors in the VIP room of the Academic Exchange Center. The principals of the International Office, the School of Information and the Institute of Construction and Technology attended the meeting.


The Meeting


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo welcomed the visit of the delegation. He briefed the guests on the history of the school, the scale of the school, the characteristics of the discipline, the cultivation of talents, and the international exchanges. He highlighted the cooperation and exchanges between the school and American universities and research institutions. He pointed out that the school has always been committed to international education, focusing on exchanges and cooperation with well-known American universities, well-known scientific research institutions and well-known experts and scholars. He hopes to take advantage of the visit of the delegation to enhance the understanding of Changan University, and to discuss the cooperation intentions with their respective research fields and academic expertise and related academic and academic teams. I look forward to the future in more fields and Develop cooperation and exchange at a deeper level.


Professor PanosD.Prevedouros expressed sincere gratitude to the warm reception of our school and agreed with Vice President Zhao Xiangmo on promoting the international development of the school and the basic ideas of cooperation between the two sides. He introduced the basic situation of the University of Hawaii at Mano and the research fields of members of the exchange group. He pointed out that Chang'an University is a high-level university with distinct disciplinary characteristics, and its academic expertise is outstanding. The main research fields of the two sides are similar and have broad prospects for cooperation. He emphasized that the visit is aimed at further deepening mutual understanding, enhancing mutual trust and promoting bilateral comprehensive cooperation.


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo and Professor PanosD.Prevedouros


After the meeting, the delegation visited the school's "Car Networking" Ministry of Education - China Mobile Joint Lab, participated in the "Advanced Intelligent Transportation System Seminar" and made a speech entitled "Impacts of Emerging Transportation Technologies on User Behaviors and Traffic Safety" Rail Crossings In the SUA-Current Safety Issues, Trends and the Impact of Connected Motor Vehicles" "CAV Features and Scenarios, and Applied Research on CAV" "The Era of Automated, Connected, Electric, SharedVehicles", 4 academic reports, and The teachers and students of the meeting conducted in-depth exchanges and extensive discussions.


Group photo

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