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Closing Ceremony of 3rd "Straits Cross-Strait Silk Road Cultural Exchange Research and Visit Camp"
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On the afternoon of July 7, the Ministry of Education's Taiwan Education Exchange Program, the third “Cross-Strait Silk Road Cultural Exchange Research and Visiting Camp”, was held at the Academic Exchange Center of the School. Vice President Zhao Xiangmo attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. 30 teachers and students from 7 universities in Taiwan attended the closing ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Jiang Zaiwen, Director of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office.


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo speaks


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo congratulated the visiting teachers and students on the successful completion of this research mission. He pointed out that the two sides of the Taiwan Straits share the same origin and the Chinese culture is in the same vein. It is believed that the teachers and students of Taiwan's sister universities have experienced the profoundness of Chinese culture and the richness of Shaanxi's history and culture through activities such as the theme classroom experience, historical and cultural lectures, and scenic spots and historical sites. Later, he introduced the basic situation of the development of our school to the visiting teachers and students, and focused on the exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan's sister universities. He encouraged Taiwanese young students to visit the mainland of the motherland and visit the ancient city of Xi'an to understand and feel the great achievements of the motherland and the development achievements since the reform and opening up. He stressed that the two sides should further deepen exchanges in the future, especially to strengthen exchanges and interactions between young teachers and students, continuously promote cross-strait educational and cultural exchanges, draw closer to the feelings of young people on both sides of the strait, and work together to promote the ideals and pursuits of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Speech by Associate Professor Ye Jianhua, Director of the Research and Development Camp and Director of the Office of the Research Office of Taiwan Truth University


Professor Ye Jianhua, the head of the research and development camp and director of the Office of the Research Office of Taiwan Truth University, expressed his gratitude to the teachers and students for their hospitality. He said that through the introduction of Vice President Zhao Xiangmo and the intuitive experience during the visit to the school, it was learned that Chang'an University is a highly influential institution of higher learning in the mainland. The school has outstanding characteristics in running schools and profound cultural heritage, which is for the development of infrastructure construction industry. A major contribution has been made. He pointed out that through the carefully arranged activities of the school, Taiwan's youths have further enhanced their deep understanding of the mainland of the motherland, allowing them to deeply understand the blending of Xi'an history and modernity, classical and fashion, and realize the tremendous development and changes of the motherland. He said that he will continue to work hard together with the teachers and students of all visiting universities and colleges to return to Taiwan and add a little strength to strengthening cross-strait education and cultural exchanges.


Closing ceremony venue


Subsequently, Vice President Zhao Xiangmo issued a certificate of completion to the participants of the research camp.


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo issued a certificate of completion to the participants of the research camp


Group photo


The “Cross-Strait Silk Road Cultural Exchange Research and Visiting Camp” is an annual educational exchange program initiated by the Ministry of Education under the Ministry of Education. It aims to deepen exchanges between teachers and students in Taiwan and mainland universities. It has become a brand activity for education exchanges between Taiwan and Taiwan. From July 1st to 8th, 2019, the 3rd "Cross-Strait Silk Road Cultural Exchange Research and Visiting Camp" was held in our school. Tsinghua University, Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Fengjia University, and Yishou University from Taiwan 30 teachers and students from 7 universities of Truth University, Golden Gate University and Kainan University participated in the whole event. The activities were conducted in the form of Chinese traditional culture theme lectures, cross-strait teacher-student exchange meetings and visits to historical and cultural attractions, which effectively promoted mutual understanding and communication between teachers and students across the Taiwan Strait and enhanced the friendship between teachers and students on both sides. The visit to the camp has been paid attention to and reported by many media such as China Taiwan Network, Shaanxi Daily and Sanqin Metropolis Daily.

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