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Prof. David H. Sanders, Dean of the School of Civil Engineering and Environment at ISU, visited CHD
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On June 6, Professor David H. Sanders, Dean of the School of Civil Engineering and Environment at Iowa State University, was invited to visit our school. Vice President Zhao Xiangmo met with the visitors in the VIP room of the Academic Exchange Center. The heads of the International Office and the Highway College accompanied the meeting.


The meeting


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo welcomed Professor David H. Sanders and his delegation. He briefly introduced the school's development history, school scale, subject characteristics, personnel training and international exchanges, and highlighted the school's role in the major infrastructure. The important role played in the construction field and the results achieved. He pointed out that the school has always been committed to promoting the international development strategy, and is very happy to work with internationally renowned universities such as Iowa State University to learn from each other's strengths and seek common development. He said that the relevant disciplines in the engineering field have distinct characteristics, outstanding advantages and great potential for cooperation. He hopes that with the visit and exchange of the agreement by Professor David H. Sanders, based on the key areas of cooperation, he will continue to expand and deepen the cooperation and exchanges between the two sides in student exchanges, teacher exchanges, and collaborative research.


Professor David H. Sanders expressed his sincere gratitude to the hospital for his warm reception and expressed his appreciation for the outstanding contribution of the school in the field of national infrastructure construction. He agreed with Vice President Zhao Xiangmo on promoting the international development of the school and the basic ideas of the cooperation between the two universities. And detailed the development of Iowa State University. He pointed out that Iowa State University is a unique university in the field of engineering in the United States. It has many similarities with our school in the field of disciplines. The cooperation between the two sides is solid and has a bright future. He said that the school entrusted a special trip to our school to visit and exchange agreements, which aims to promote all-round cooperation between the two schools at the inter-school level. It is hoped that both sides will continue to deepen friendly and cooperative relations and jointly promote cooperation to more fields and higher. level.


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo talks with Professor David H. Sanders


After the meeting, Vice President Zhao Xiangmo and Dean David H. Sanders exchanged the inter-school agreement on behalf of the two universities.


The two schools exchanged the inter-school agreement


Group photo

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