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Vice President of the Korea Transportation Research Institute, Ye Choongyeol, visited CHD
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On May 9, a six-member deputy dean of the Korea Transportation Research Institute, Ye Choongyeol, came to the school for an educational exchange visit. Vice President Zhao Xiangmo cordially met with visiting Korean guests in the VIP room of the Academic Exchange Center, and the heads of the International Department, the School of Information, the School of Electronic Control, and the Korean professor Zhang Zhongxue of our school accompanied the meeting.




Vice-President Zhao Xiangmo first extended a warm welcome to Vice President Ye Choongyeol and his delegation, and introduced the basic situation of the development of our school to the guests from the initiative of the school to successfully connect with the national and local major strategies and deepen the "double-class construction", the school's foreign cooperation and exchanges. He pointed out that the school has always attached importance to cooperation and exchanges with Korean universities and research institutions. It has become the most active university in Shaanxi to communicate with Korea. Especially since the cooperation with the Korea Transportation Research Institute has been in existence for a long time, the two sides have laid a solid foundation for cooperation. Established an intimate partnership. He hopes that with the visit of Vice President Ye Choongyeol and his entourage as an opportunity, he will continue to consolidate and expand the existing cooperation platform between the two sides and continuously deepen cooperation and exchanges between the two sides in more fields.


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo met with Vice President Ye Choongyeol of the Korea Transportation Research Institute






Vice President Ye Choongyeol expressed his gratitude to Vice President Zhao Xiangmo for his warm reception. He highly appreciated the outstanding contribution of the school in promoting national infrastructure construction and local economic and social development, and endorsed the cooperation proposal put forward by Vice President Zhao Xiangmo. He introduced the development of the Korea Transportation Research Institute and happily reviewed the cooperation process between the two sides. He said that Chang'an University has distinct industry characteristics and great development potential. The basic areas of career development of both sides are similar, and it has broad prospects for cooperation in many aspects. He hopes that through this visit, he will be able to establish a closer cooperative relationship with Chang'an University and further promote deeper exchanges and cooperation between the two sides.


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