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The Foreign Affairs Task Leadership Group Meeting of Our School Was Held
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On April 23, the school held a foreign affairs work leading group meeting in the fourth conference room of the Academic Exchange Center of the North Campus of the school. Vice President Zhao Xiangmo attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The heads of the Organization Department, the Ministry of Education, the Academic Affairs Office, the Graduate School/Research Institute, the Science and Technology Department, the Social Science Department, the Personnel Department, the Planning Department, and the International Office attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Jiang Zaiwen, Director of the International Division.



Vice President Zhao Xiangmo informed the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology to report on the internationalization work and the relevant policy spirit of the higher authorities. He stressed that in accordance with the spirit of the relevant documents of the Ministry of Education, and in order to promote the "double-class" construction of the school, and comprehensively promote the development of internationalization work, it is necessary to further improve the relevant regulations of the school, and focus on the revision of relevant methods for teaching and research personnel to go abroad for public reasons. The vitality of scientific research work, and actively encourage teaching and research personnel to engage in international academic exchange activities. He pointed out that according to the central government's overall requirements for the introduction of foreign talent program reform and the adjustment of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the foreign ministers' introduction of project policies in 2019 has undergone major changes. In the future, foreign-related projects should focus on the introduction of "high-tech and sharp-minded" talents. Focus on serving the country's major strategic needs. At the same time, we must continuously optimize the foreign expert project reporting mechanism, take the initiative to comply with the new requirements of the foreign experts' project declaration after adjustment by the state institutions, plan well in advance, and form a team to declare large projects. Adhere to the world's science and technology frontier, facing the country's major needs, facing the first-class discipline construction of our school, coordinating project declaration and talent introduction, providing strong intellectual support for the school's innovation and development. He stressed that this year, we must do a practical summer student international exchange program, strictly implement the school security and stability requirements, and ensure that each group successfully complete the study and exchange tasks.



At the meeting, the Director of the International Department, Jiang Zaiwen, reported on the basic ideas of the revision of the relevant measures for the teaching and research personnel of the University to go abroad for the time being, and the application of foreign experts in 2019.



The meeting also examined and approved some of the leading cadres at the department level to study and exchange funds for going abroad and students going abroad.

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