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Carlos F. Daganzo, The Professor of UCB, visited CHD
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On the morning of April 2, Carlos F. Daganzo, the chief professor of the University of California, Berkeley, was invited to visit our school. Vice-Chancellor Zhao Xiangmo met with visitors in the VIP room of the Academic Exchange Center. The heads of the International Office, the School of Information and the Highway College accompanied the meeting.


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo met with Professor Carlos F. Daganzo



Vice President Zhao Xiangmo welcomed the visit of Professor Carlos F. Daganzo and his party. He briefed the guests on the development history of the school, the scale of the school, the characteristics of the discipline, the cultivation of talents, and the international exchanges. He highlighted the characteristics of the school and its role in the national infrastructure construction. The important role, combined with Professor CarlosF. Daganzo's research field, introduced the development of intelligent transportation research in our school. He hopes that with the visit of Professor Carlos F. Daganzo as an opportunity to further expand the cooperation and exchanges between the two sides in transportation related fields.



Professor Carlos F. Daganzo expressed sincere gratitude to the warm reception of our school and expressed appreciation for the outstanding contribution made by our school in the field of infrastructure construction. We agreed with Vice President Zhao Xiangmo on the basic concept of strengthening academic exchanges between the two sides. He pointed out that Chang'an University is located in Xi'an, a world famous cultural city. It has profound historical and cultural heritage, distinctive characteristics of dominant disciplines, outstanding development advantages in location and great potential for cooperation between the two sides. He said that in the future, the two sides should further strengthen cooperation in the areas of teacher exchanges and scientific research, and strive to push cooperation to more fields and higher levels.



Group photo



After the meeting, Professor Carlos F. Daganzo gave an academic report entitled “Four Traffic Physics Laws and Suggestions for Future Urban Transport Development in China” for our teachers and students.



Professor Carlos F. Daganzo gave an academic report to the teachers and students of our school.

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