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Kim Byeongquan, Consul General of the Consulate of South Korea in Xi'an, visited CHD
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On March 25, the Consul General of the South Korean Consulate in Xi'an, Jin Bingquan, visited our school. President Sha Aimin met with visitors in the VIP room of the Academic Exchange Center. Vice President Zhao Xiangmo, the principal of the School, Science and Technology Department, International Office, and China-Korea Logistics Research Institute and Korean professor Zhang Zhongxue accompanied the meeting.


President Sha Aimin expressed his warm welcome to the visit of Consul General Jin Bingquan and his delegation. He expressed sincere gratitude to the Consulate General for his support in promoting the cooperation and cooperation between Korean universities and research institutions and our school. The basic situation of our school is introduced in detail from the aspects of historical evolution, school scale, subject characteristics, teacher team construction and international cooperation and exchanges. He hopes that with the appointment of Consul General Jin Bingquan as a new beginning, he will continue to expand and deepen the cooperation and exchanges between Korean universities and research institutions and our schools in the fields of student joint training, teacher exchange visits, and cooperative scientific research. I wish the cooperation between the two sides will be more successful. Great progress.


Consul General Jin Bingquan expressed sincere gratitude to the warm reception of our school and highly appreciated the president of Sha Aimin's vision of cooperation between the two sides. He briefed President Sha Aimin on the development of the Korean Consulate in Xi'an and the basic situation of the individual. He said that Chang'an University is a high-level comprehensive university with distinctive Chinese characteristics and outstanding academic advantages. The consulate always attaches great importance to promoting cooperation and exchanges between Korean higher education research institutions and Chang'an University. He hopes that on the basis of consolidating the original cooperation between the two sides, he will jointly explore cooperation and exchanges in more fields and promote a more stable and intimate cooperative relationship between the two sides.


President Sha Aimin talks with Consul General Jin Bingquan




Meeting with a group photo

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