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China-South Africa Highway Engineering Standard Docking Seminar was held in CHD
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From November 8th to 9th, following the successful completion of the Sino-US, Sino-Russian, Sino-French Highway Engineering Standard Docking Seminar and the Transport Infrastructure Engineering Standard Academician Forum, to further promote the highway engineering standards and the countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” The docking exchange, China-South Africa Highway Engineering Standard Docking Seminar was held in our school. More than 300 people from the South African Academy of Engineering, the South African National Highway Bureau and other units such as the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Transport of China, Zhonggong Gaoke Maintenance Technology Co., Ltd. and other teachers and students from Chang'an University attended the seminar.


On the morning of the 8th, the seminar was held at the academic exchange center of the school. Du Xiangmin, Party Secretary of our school, Yu Guang, Director of the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Communications, and Academician Wynand Steyn of the South African Academy of Engineering attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was held by Sha Ai Democratic, deputy secretary of the school party committee.


Before the meeting, Du Xiangmin met with the Academician of the South African Academy of Engineering, Professor of the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Pretoria, Professor Wynand Steyn and his team at the VIP Room of the Academic Exchange Center.


Du Xiangmin met with the experts from Central and South China


At the opening ceremony, Du Xiangmin gave a welcome speech and expressed his welcome to the guests attending the seminar on behalf of the school and congratulated the China-South Africa Highway Engineering Standard Docking Symposium. He pointed out that under the background of the “Belt and Road Initiative” and global integration, cooperation between China and South Africa is deepening, and cooperation in the field of highway transportation is an important part of these cooperation projects. In order to better serve the cooperation between the two parties, it is necessary to conduct more exchanges and communication on the standards and norms of both parties. Chang'an University is willing to contribute its own strength.



Welcome speech by Du Xiangmin


In the speech, Director of the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Communications stated that it is necessary to promote the four-in-one connectivity of land, sea, sky and network, focusing on key channels, key cities and key projects, linking land roads, railway road networks and maritime ports. The network is a good start for the “Belt and Road”. As the other end point of the “Belt and Road” Maritime Silk Road, South Africa's highway engineering standards will promote the integration of policies, rules and standards, and provide mechanism guarantee for highway engineering interconnection. It is necessary to strengthen communication during the standard setting process. In order to carry out a new impetus for the joint and cooperation of all aspects, high-level and multi-level highway engineering standards.


Speech by Director of the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Communications


After the opening ceremony, the experts gave a keynote report.


Zhou Wei, chief engineer of the Ministry of Communications, gave a report titled “Standardized Action Reform to Promote High-quality Development of Transportation”. It introduced the main achievements in the construction of China's transportation standard system from the aspects of talent team, standardization, improvement, and internationalization. The results elaborated on the strategic goals and work priorities for continuously deepening the reform of transportation standardization in the future, and proposed the significance and challenges of effectively connecting the traffic standards around the “Belt and Road” demand.


Report by Zhou Wei Chief Engineer


Professor Sha Aimin gave a report titled “Review and Prospect of Asphalt Pavement Technology Development”, reviewed the development status of China's highway infrastructure, and introduced asphalt pavement as an example, from materials, structure, construction, maintenance and special area roads. The current technical development of asphalt pavement and prospects for future technological innovation and development direction; revealing the significance, principles and methods of standard docking from the aspects of eliminating technical barriers, perfecting mutual standards systems and optimizing combinations of different standards.


Deputy Secretary Sha Aimin presided over the meeting and made a report


Academician Wynand Steyn gave a report entitled "Field Validation of Traffic & Structural Analysis Models", which introduced the necessity of on-site verification of traffic and structural analysis models, evaluation methods and basic parameters of model benchmarks; from pavement structure, sensor layout, field test, traffic The load, speed analysis and test plan are used to demonstrate the verification of the on-site traffic structure model of the old and the new. Finally, the realistic effect of the model on the road construction is summarized.


Louw Kannemeyer, Head of Engineering, South African National Highways, Dr. Pan Yuli, Zhonggong Hi-Tech, Professor Fwa of Chang'an University, Professor Gerrit Jordan of the University of Pretoria, Academician Trueman Goba of the South African Institute of Engineering, Academician James Maina, Academician Alex Visser, Shandong Provincial Transportation Science Research Dean Wang Lin, Dr. Emile Horak of the South African Science and Engineering Research Committee, Dr. Gerrie Zyl of Mycube Asset Management Company, Deputy General Manager Liu Weimin of CCCC, and YuchenWang, Director of South Africa Shuguang International Consulting Co., Ltd., respectively, around the application of China-Africa highway engineering standards, standard comparison and docking Report on road quality control, design methods, etc.


On the morning of the 9th, the experts discussed the development of road test technology and accelerated loading technology and the comparison of engineering technology standards, analysis, problems and countermeasures. During the forum, experts and scholars attended the new pavement display area and accelerated loading test site in Lishui Campus.


Group photo

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