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Professor Susan Tighe, Vice President of the University of Waterloo, Canada, visited CHD
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On October 23, 2018, President of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering, Academician of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Waterloo, Professor Susan Louise Tighe, Senior Pavement Management Engineer, Ministry of Transport, Ontario, Canada, Adjunct Professor of the University of Waterloo, President of the Canadian Branch of the Changan University Overseas Alumni Association Professor Ningyuan Li and his entourage visited our school. Deputy Secretary Sha Aimin met with the visitors in the VIP room of the Academic Exchange Center. The relevant officials from the International Office, the Social Cooperation Department and the Highway College accompanied the meeting.



Deputy Secretary Sha Aimin met with Vice President Susan Louise Tighe


Deputy Secretary Sha Aimin welcomed the re-visiting of Vice President Susan Louise Tighe and his party. He briefly introduced the development of the school and said that the two universities have carried out fruitful cooperation in various fields such as student exchanges, teacher exchanges, and cooperative research. I hope that the visit of Vice President Susan LouiseTighe will be an opportunity to consolidate the two schools. On the basis of the original cooperation, we will further explore more diverse forms of cooperation, continuously optimize and upgrade existing cooperation platforms, and produce more fruitful results.

Vice-President Susan Louise Tighe thanked the warm reception of the school and agreed with the cooperation proposal of Deputy Secretary Sha Aimin. She briefly introduced the development and internationalization of the University of Waterloo in recent years and pointed out that the University of Waterloo has always attached great importance to cooperation with our school, especially in the field of transportation engineering. The purpose of this visit is to continue to consolidate. The foundation of cooperation between the two universities will continue to promote cooperation and exchanges between the two universities in more fields and deeper levels.


Meet the scene


After the meeting, Vice President Susan Lousie Tighe and his entourage went to the Highway College and the Information College to conduct academic exchanges and cooperation.



Group photo

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