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CHD Held An International Work Conference
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In order to speed up the process of internationalization of schools and effectively implement the work of internationalization, our school held an international work conference on October 9, 2018 in the lecture hall on the first floor of the Academic Exchange Center of the school. The theme of the conference was "unified thinking, convergence of consensus, in-depth implementation of international projects, and comprehensively promote the "double-class" construction of the school. The meeting was presided over by Deputy Secretary Bai Hua.


The meeting


Du Xiangmin, secretary of the school party committee, spoke on the topic of "Based on a new starting point, focusing on new goals, and fully promoting the internationalization of school running." He emphasized that this internationalization work conference is not only a practical step for the school to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th Party Congress and Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, but also conscientiously implement the spirit of the National Education Conference. It is also a unified thinking, a consensus, and an accurate grasp of the new era. The mission and tasks of internationalization work together to plan important measures for schools to open schools under the new situation are of great significance for promoting the construction of “double-class” schools. Secretary Du Xiangmin put forward four opinions on promoting the internationalization of the school in the coming period.


First, sum up experience, face up to the gap, and clarify the situation and tasks of internationalization of running a school. Carefully combing and summarizing the achievements and experiences of our school in promoting the internationalization of running a school, deeply understanding the problems and deficiencies in the internationalization of running a school, and from the four aspects of concept, system and mechanism, ability and investment. Deeply analyzed the deep-seated reasons behind the existence of the problem, stressed the need to adhere to the combination of problem-oriented and goal-oriented, and make up for the gap as soon as possible.


Second, improve the position, sublimate the understanding, and provide value support for promoting the internationalization of running a school. It is mainly clear four points: First, internationalization is the essential attribute of the university; second, internationalization is the need to build a strong country of higher education; third, internationalization is the need to serve the country's “Belt and Road” construction; fourth, internationalization is our school. Striving for the inevitable choice of "double-class" colleges and universities.


Third, concentrating on strength, pioneering and enterprising, and fully open a new situation in the internationalization of school. First, we must coordinate planning, scientific layout, and strengthen the top-level design of internationalization of running schools. Second, we must deepen reform, innovate the system, and improve the promotion mechanism for internationalization of running schools. Third, we must highlight key points, grasp the key points, and lead the internationalization of running schools. The breakthrough in the field; the fourth is to increase investment, improve conditions, and strengthen the construction of a hardware environment for internationalization of schools; the fifth is to widely publicize, strengthen guidance, and create a good atmosphere for promoting the internationalization of running schools.


Fourth, strengthen leadership, implement responsibilities, and ensure that the internationalization of running schools is at a new level. First, we must adhere to the party and government to jointly manage; second, we must give full play to the leading role of the school; third, we must implement the main responsibility of the college; fourth, we must strengthen the assessment.


Secretary Du Xiangmin emphasized that promoting the internationalization of running a school is an inevitable requirement for the development of higher education in the new era, and it is also an inevitable choice for our school to achieve the goal of "double first-class" construction. We must earnestly enhance our sense of internationalization, enhance our internationalization capabilities, advance the process of internationalization, raise the level of internationalization, gather together, and innovate, and strive to build Chang'an University into a high-profile, research-oriented university with distinctive characteristics and international reputation!


Speech of the secretary of the school party committee, Du Xiangmin


President Chen Feng made a report on the principal of the Internationalization Conference. He pointed out that this meeting is the first time that our school has studied and deployed the school internationalization strategy at the whole school level. It is the overall acceleration of the school's new internationalization journey. It is a strategic focus on the long-term development of the school. To accelerate the internationalization of the school, strengthening the construction of “double first-class” has an important driving role. President Chen Feng put forward three opinions on how to further improve the internationalization of the school.


First, affirm the achievements, face the problems, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility of international work. In recent years, our school has made comprehensive progress in the internationalization of international talent training, international faculty construction, international science and technology cooperation, and study abroad education in China. However, the pace of international development is not fast enough, and the overall level is not high enough. The role of the strategy and the national “Belt and Road” strategy is not enough. The top-level design of the internationalization strategy needs to be improved. The overall layout of the internationalization needs to be optimized. The support and guiding role of internationalization in the overall situation of school work is not yet prominently, the pattern of the foreign affairs of the whole school is in urgent need of formation. Specifically, the problems and gaps are mainly concentrated in three aspects: First, the internationalization of talent training needs to be strengthened; second, the overall internationalization of the teaching staff is not high enough; third, the international level of disciplines and scientific research is not high enough.


Second, unify thinking, build consensus, and profoundly understand the new situation and tasks facing the school's international exchanges and cooperation. It is necessary to understand in depth: internationalization is the trend of the world's higher education development; it is an urgent requirement for implementing the national education opening-up strategy; it is an important fulcrum for serving the development of the country, region and industry; it is also a distinctive feature of our school's construction and internationally renowned research. It’s the only way for the university. We must look to the world, strengthen cooperation and exchanges, and raise the level of internationalization as an important starting point and new growth point for quality construction and connotation development, promote reform through reform, promote the development, play a leading and fundamental role, and contribute to building the world's "big traffic".


Third, concentrate on the situation and take advantage of the situation to comprehensively improve the level of international exchange and cooperation. First, focus on improving the top-level design of international exchanges and cooperation, firmly establish the concept of international education, accelerate the construction of the "big foreign affairs" work pattern, and form an international strategic layout as soon as possible; second, focus on promoting the internationalization of personnel training. Actively explore the international talent training model, continue to expand the scale of students' exchanges abroad, coordinate and promote Sino-foreign cooperative education and overseas education; Third, focus on promoting the internationalization of the teaching team, carefully build a high-level international faculty, and comprehensively upgrade teachers. The fourth is to promote the internationalization of scientific research, continuously strengthen the international scientific research cooperation platform system, and carry out high-level international scientific research cooperation and exchanges; the fifth is to build a brand of “study abroad” and expand the enrollment scale. Improve the quality of training, standardize education management; Sixth, focus on strengthening and improving Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges; Seventh, focus on promoting the internationalization of management services, continue to strengthen the construction of international software and hardware, constantly improve international rules and regulations, and strive to improve the level of external publicity.


President Chen Feng emphasized that internationalization is the systematic engineering and the planning and implementation of every step of international development. It is inseparable from the joint efforts of all functional departments and the joint efforts of teachers and students. The teachers and students of the school should take the urgency of waiting for the time, the sense of responsibility of who I am, the enthusiasm of the people, the pioneering and innovative, the initiative, the determination, the comprehensive promotion of the school internationalization process, and strive to create a new situation of "double first-class" construction.


Speech of the president Chen Feng


Deputy Secretary Sha Aimin made an analysis report on the status quo of internationalization. It introduces the basic development of internationalization development, international talent training, international faculty construction, international scientific and technological cooperation, and study abroad education in China. It expands the scale and level of students' study and exchanges, and enhances the international exchange and cooperation of teachers. Advice on strengthening the internationalization work in terms of capacity, strengthening international cooperation and scientific research, and building a brand of “study abroad”.


In the exchange of representatives, the representatives of the Highway Academy and the representatives of the School of Architecture and Engineering spoke successively, systematically introduced the practice and experience of the department in promoting the internationalization work centered on talent cultivation, and put forward the problems and related suggestions in the process of promoting the internationalization work; Professor Wang Wenke, a teacher representative, shared his experience in participating in internationalization work from the perspective of catching up with the international frontier and achieving development and transcendence.


The leaders of all schools, the main responsible persons of various functional departments and directly affiliated units, the main responsible persons of each college (department), the person in charge of internationalization work, the foreign affairs secretary, the teacher representatives and student representatives, the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, and the International Education College. The above personnel attended the meeting.

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