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Kang Jincheng, executive deputy director of the UNESCO IEEC, was invited to CHD
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On June 26, 2018, Kang Jincheng, executive deputy director of the UNESCO International Engineering Education Center and former director of the International Cooperation Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, was invited to visit our school. Deputy Secretary Sha Aimin met with visitors in the VIP room of the Academic Exchange Center. The relevant person in charge of the department, the highway college and the international college met with him.


Deputy Secretary Sha Aimin talks with Kang Jincheng, Executive Deputy Director of the UNESCO International Engineering Education Center


Deputy Secretary Sha Aimin welcomed the visit of the deputy director of Kang Jincheng and his delegation. He briefly introduced the overall situation of the university from the aspects of subject characteristics, personnel training, social services and cooperative scientific research, focusing on the transportation and land resources of our school. Carry out the internationalization of engineering education with the characteristics of the environment and urban and rural construction. He hoped that the deputy director of the Kangjin City delegation would take the opportunity to accelerate the expansion of international resources for engineering education, participate in international cooperation and exchanges in the field of engineering construction and application, and further enhance international academic cooperation and exchanges.


Deputy Director Kang Jincheng expressed his gratitude to the warm reception of our school and expressed high support for the work plan of Deputy Secretary Sha Aimin. He briefly introduced the development of the International Engineering Education Center and highlighted the international exchanges of the center. He said that the two sides have many points of convergence in the field of engineering education and have great potential for cooperation in academic research. It is hoped that through this visit, we will accelerate the cooperation and exchanges between the two sides in the field of scientific research and strive to promote closer cooperation between the two sides.



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