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International Forum on Transportation Infrastructure Engineering Standards was held in CHD
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From June 22nd to 24th, 2018, the transportation infrastructure engineering standard jointly sponsored by the Civil Engineering, Water Conservancy and Construction Engineering Department of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Communications, the Department of Education, Culture and Health, the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, the China Highway Society and Chang'an University. The international forum was held at our school.



Academician Zhou Xuhong, Academician Zheng Yingren, Academician Liu Jiaping, Academician Du Yanliang, Academician Chen Zhengqing, Academician Wang Fuming, Academician Michael Walton of the US Academy of Engineering, Academician Kumares Sinha, Academician Alexander Vasilyev of the Russian National Academy of Sciences, Academician Sultan Zhankaziev of the Russian Academy of Transportation, Andrii of the Ukrainian Academy of Transportation Academician Bieliatynskyi, Academician Olena Slavinska, Academician Olena Usychenko, Academician James Maina and Academician Wynand Steyn of the South African Academy of Engineering, and “Changjiang Scholars” in the field of transportation infrastructure, national “Jieqing” and other famous experts and scholars, and more than 300 students and teachers participated in the forum. . Du Xiangmin, secretary of the Party Committee of our school, Sha Aimin, deputy secretary, Zhou Wei, chief engineer of the Ministry of Transport, Gao Zhongqi, director of the Second Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and academician Michael Walton, an expert of the foreign academician, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Sha Aimin, deputy secretary of our school.



The secretary Du Xiangmin expressed his welcome to the academicians and experts who came to the seminar and congratulated the international forum on transportation infrastructure engineering standards. He pointed out that in the context of the deepening cooperation between China and various countries in the field of transportation, the differences in standards have gradually become obstacles to continued deep cooperation. Chang'an University will give full play to the characteristics and advantages of transportation engineering disciplines, build a shared platform through this forum, establish a long-term communication mechanism, promote cooperation between all parties, and work together on the road of cooperation in transportation infrastructure engineering. .



Welcome speech by Du Xiangmin


Deputy Secretary Sha Aimin presided over the opening ceremony


Chief Engineer Zhou Wei pointed out that the standard docking will definitely promote the construction of China's transportation infrastructure in various regions and countries around the world, strengthen the in-depth cooperation with various countries in the field of transportation, and jointly build a "community of interests" in the field of transportation. Standard docking should explore a variety of forms of cooperation, expand cooperation channels, improve cooperation mechanisms, expand the scale of mutual learning, strengthen communication in the standard docking process, and inject new cooperation for the development of all-round, high-level, multi-level transportation infrastructure standards. power.



Speech by Chief Engineer Zhou Wei



On behalf of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director Gao Qiqi expressed warm congratulations on the convening of the forum. He pointed out that as a national high-end think tank, the Chinese Academy of Engineering has always played an important role in the docking of transportation infrastructure projects, and proposed many professional, constructive and practical applications. The advice suggested that these actions promoted the docking of standards and deepened the cooperation of many parties. In the future, the Chinese Academy of Engineering will also pay attention to the engineering standards in the transportation infrastructure field and provide active support.



Speech by Director Gao Qiqi



Academician Michael Walton emphasized that the development of China's transportation infrastructure has attracted worldwide attention. The standard is of great significance in the regionalization of transportation infrastructure and even in the process of globalization. It is hoped that through this forum, international exchanges and cooperation in engineering standards in the field of transportation infrastructure will be promoted. Explore the problems found in the discussion and put forward reasonable scientific opinions and suggestions.




Speech by Academician Michael Walton



After the opening ceremony, Academician Zhou Xuhong, Academician Du Yanliang, Academician Kumares Sinha, Academician Michael Walton, Professor Sha Aimin and other academicians focused on the theme of "Highway Engineering Standards Discussion, Bridge Engineering Standards Discussion, Tunnel Engineering Standards Discussion" on Chinese and Foreign Transportation Infrastructure Engineering Standards Wonderful topic report on the problems, challenges and solutions



Academician Zhou Xuhong made a report




Academician Kumares Sinha reports



During the forum, experts and scholars attended the new pavement display area and accelerated loading test site in Lishui Campus.



This international forum aims to provide an international forum for the discussion of transport infrastructure standards, to create an information exchange platform for standard researchers, developers and users, to establish a multi-level, all-round long-term communication mechanism, and to tap the advantages of countries. Promote in-depth understanding, rational docking and accurate application of technical standards of both parties or parties, promote the internationalization process of China's dominant technologies and industry standards, improve the international influence of China's traffic construction standards, and accelerate the interconnection of China's transportation infrastructure with neighboring countries. The level of interoperability will give full play to the basic, leading and service roles of transportation in promoting the “Belt and Road” strategy.



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