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The delegation of CHD visited four universities in Japan & Korea and carried out overseas recruiment
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From June 7th to June 14th, 2018, at the invitation of Vice Chairperson Teruchi Ichihiko of Toyohashi University of Technology, Vice President Byeong Ho Choe of Busan University of Korea, Vice President Joongseok Ryu of Korea Central University, and Vice President of Inkyo Cheong of Inha University of Korea Vice Chairman Sha Aimin made a friendly visit to the above four universities and conducted overseas talent recruitment. The Personnel Department, the International Department and the head of the Material Institute accompanied the visit.


During his visit to the Toyohashi University of Technology, Toyohashi Ichihiko, Vice President of the Toyohashi University of Technology, and Matsuda Houfan, the Vice President of the Foreign Affairs Office jointly met with Vice Chairman Sha Aimin and his party. They warmly welcomed the visit of the Vice Chairman Sha and his delegation and introduced the basic situation of Toyohashi University of Technology from many aspects including personnel training, faculty, and scientific research. He hoped that this school will be signed with our school last year. Based on the cooperation agreement, we will further develop all-round cooperation.


Vice Chairman Sha Aimin expressed his gratitude for the enthusiastic reception of the Vice President Si Yi Yan and Vice President Song Tian Hou Fan, and expressed his strong approval for the idea of the two vice principals on deepening the cooperation between the two schools. After introducing the basic situation of Chang'an University, Vice Chairman Sha Aimin exchanged opinions with the other party on in-depth cooperation on student exchanges, teacher visits, collaborative scientific research, and joint construction of laboratories. The two sides agreed that the two schools are close to each other and have extensive cooperation foundations. We hope that this visit will serve as an opportunity to further promote the two universities to carry out more in-depth cooperation. After the meeting, accompanied by Vice President Masahiro Matsuda, Vice Chairman Sha Amin and his party visited the electric vehicle wireless charging technology testing ground and intelligent traffic laboratory of Toyohashi University of Technology.



Photo with Japan Toyohashi University of Technology


During the visit to Busan University in South Korea, Vice President Byeong Ho Choe of Busan University met with the delegation of our school. Vice President Byeong Ho Choe expressed his warm welcome to Vice Chairman Sha and his party's visit. He introduced in detail the basic situation of the University of Busan and the general situation of cooperation with Chinese universities and expressed the good wishes of the two universities to carry out all-round cooperation. The deputy secretary of the University of Busan expressed his gratitude for the warm reception of Busan University, and introduced the basic situation of the university in detail in terms of academic characteristics, personnel training, and international exchanges. He pointed out that our university has been selected as a national first-rate discipline-building university. As an important part of the first-class discipline construction, internationalization has become one of the major development strategies of our school. The school attaches great importance to cooperation and exchanges with famous foreign universities. It is hoped that this visit will serve as an opportunity to further deepen the mutual understanding between the two schools and promote the all-round substantive cooperation and exchange between the two universities. After the meeting, Vice Chairman Sha Aimin and Vice President Byeong HoChoe exchanged the text of the full cooperation agreement on behalf of the two universities. Subsequently, the delegation led by Vice Chairman Sha Aimin visited the library of the university.


Discussion with Busan University, South Korea


During the visit to the Central University of Korea, Vice President Joongseok Ryu of the Central University met with the deputy secretary of the delegation. He extended his warm welcome to the visit of the delegation and gave the brief introduction of the development of the Central University in recent years and the overview of international exchanges. He also expressed his deep desire to deepen all-round cooperation with the university. Vice Chairman Sha Aimin thanked Vice President Joongseok Ryu for his warm reception. After briefly introducing the development of Changan University in recent years, he conducted in-depth discussions on all-round cooperation in areas such as teacher visits, student co-cultivation, and cooperative research. A broad consensus has been reached. Both parties agreed that the two universities have similar disciplines and good foundations for cooperation. Based on the student exchanges that have already been carried out in the two universities and the joint establishment of the Logistics Research Institute, the two sides should continue to deepen the two-way exchanges and expand the areas of cooperation to further strengthen the two areas. The school exchanges and cooperates in related scientific research fields, strives to promote the breadth and depth of the cooperation between the two schools. After the meeting, our school delegation visited the school's teaching building and materials engineering laboratory.


Photo with Central University of Korea


Discussion with Central University of Korea


During the visit to Inha University, Vice President Inkeo Cheong of Inha University met with Vice Chairman Sai Aimin and his party. The two parties jointly reviewed the achievements made since the signing of the comprehensive cooperation agreement between the two universities in 2009, and achieved fruitful results in the areas of mutual visits by teachers, joint training of students, and cooperation in scientific research. They also conducted in-depth discussions on further expanding the scope of cooperation and deepening cooperation, and reached a broad agreement. The two parties agreed that the two universities need to further explore more flexible forms of joint Chinese-foreign training for students on the basis of consolidating existing cooperation, continuously optimize and upgrade existing cooperation research platforms, and produce more fruitful scientific research results through cooperation. After the meeting, the delegation went to the School of Engineering to discuss and visit some of the laboratories, and then went to the school of business to discuss in depth a series of specific issues such as student co-cultivation and collaborative research, and reached a broad agreement.


Interview with Inha University in Korea


Visit the laboratory


During our visit to Japan and South Korea, our delegation held two overseas talent recruitment conferences at Tsukuba University in Japan and Central University of Korea, attracting nearly a hundred outstanding scholars, postdoctoral fellows and doctoral candidates to attend the meeting. Members of the delegation gave detailed presentations to the participants on the overall development of the school in recent years and progress in related disciplines. They also carried out policies on the national "Thousand People Plan" and the Ministry of Education "Yangtze River Scholars" and Shaanxi Province "Thousand People Plan" and other policies. Detailed explanations were given to the scholars and young talents of the “Chang'an Scholars” talent support program, title recognition method, and professional and technical positions of the school. The explanations were given to the scholars and young talents. They were widely praised by the participants and received good results.


The Interview of Recruiment


The Toyohashi University of Technology is a national university established in 1976. In 2014, it was selected as a “super international university program” developed by the Ministry of Education of Japan to focus on the development of 37 universities. The school has departments such as the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Civil Engineering. The engineering disciplines are strong and ranked 14th among Japanese engineering universities.


Founded in 1946, Korea Busan University is one of the 10 national flag universities in South Korea and the second largest national university in Korea. The latest QS World University Rankings are 501-510, among which the mechanical engineering QS World University ranks 101-150, the civil and structural disciplines QS World University ranks 150-200, and the materials science discipline QS World University ranks 150-200. The school has conducted extensive exchanges and cooperation with such top universities as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Hong Kong University, and Hong Kong Chinese University.


The Central University of Korea is a top comprehensive university located in Seoul, South Korea, and the latest QS World University is ranked 397. The school has a wide range of disciplines, including the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Normal College, the College of Natural Sciences, the School of Life Science, the College of Engineering, the School of Business Economics, the School of Medicine, the School of Pharmacy, the School of Red Cross Nursing, the School of Arts, the School of Physical Education, etc. .


The Inha University of Korea is a private university founded in 1954, on the proposal of South Korea's first president, Mr. Lee Seung-jao, to cultivate the talents needed to build Korea’s industrial technology foundation. The school is ranked 551-560 in the latest QS World University Rankings. Among them, the disciplines of mechanical engineering and material science disciplines ranked 251-300 in QS World University, and the logistics management profession ranked first in Korea.

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