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Vice-president of the UWA Iain Watt and Matthew Tonts Visited CHD
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On April 12, 2018, the vice-presidents of the University of West Australia, Iain Watt and Matthew Tonts, visited Chang’an University. The president Chen Feng and deputy secretary of party committee Sha Aimin welcomed the guests at the Academic Exchange Center, accompanied by the heads of the President Office, the International Office, and School of Economics and Management.


President Chen Feng talking with Prof. Iain Watt

President Chen Feng gave a warm welcome to the vice-president Iain Watt. President Chen Feng mentioned that University of West Australia is a world-renowned university and had some commons with Chang’an University on the design of disciplines; there were a lot of potential cooperation of the two universities on scholars visiting, students exchange and research field, etc. He hoped that the two universities could based on the existed cooperation, which is scholars visiting, students exchange and research field and other multi-field cooperation, to strengthen communication and deepen cooperation


Vice president Iain Watt expressed his appreciation for the reception and agreed the design of cooperation. And he appreciated President Chen Feng’s idea on cooperation of the two universities. He expressed that the University of West Australia had been attaching importance to cooperation with Chang’an University, and the university had been working on implement and pushing on cooperation consensus of two universities. He also extended his purpose to establish research center, cultivate master and PhD students by the two universities.


Group photo


After the meeting, deputy secretary Sha Aimin had a discussion with Vice-president Iain Watt in School of Economics and Management. They had a deep communication, and met a consensus on joint training on undergraduates and graduates, undergraduates “2+2” experimental class on educational reform and establishing transportation and logistics research center.



The Meeting

The University of Australia, UWA, was founded in 1911 and famous for quality and entrepreneurship, it belongs to the top-8 universities in Australia and ranked 93 on QS. The university is located on Perth, the capital of Western Australia State. The university is the top research university in Australia, and the preponderant subjects include IT, telecommunication, computer science, international business management, biological medicine, social science, eco-system research, and development of petrol, gas and mining. The employment rate of the university is on the top rank of Australia’s universities.

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