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Vice President Paul Fanning of University College Dublin, Ireland, visited Chang'an University
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On Oct. 25th 2017, Professor Paul Fanning, vice-president of University College Dublin, Ireland, visited Chang’an University. Vice President Zhao Junhai welcomed the guest at the Academic Exchange Center, accompanied by heads of the International Office, School of Highway and School of Architecture.

Vice President Zhao Junhai extended his warm welcome to the arrival of Professor Paul Fanning and briefly introduced Chang’an University from the perspectives of the school size, characteristic of subjects, and cultivation of talents. Also, he pointed that Chang’an University has been included in the name list of the national first-class discipline construction of colleges and universities, which will certainly put forward higher requirements of international work, and there is a broader space for international cooperation and development. At present, the cooperation in the work of students training between Chang’an University and University College Dublini is progressing smoothly. Student joint-training program develop solidly and continuously, and teacher exchanges are more frequently. He hopes that on the basis of consolidating the original cooperation, Chang’an Universityis willing to continue to expand cooperation with University College Dublin in the student joint-training, teacher exchange and scientific research and other areas.

Professor Paul Fanning expressed his appreciation for the reception. He also briefly introduced recent development of University College Dublin. Then he highly endorsed Vice President Zhao's idea about internationalization. He thought that there are many resemblances on major setup between two universities. Construction and curing of highway on perennial frozen soil, in particular, could be a great potential for further development and cooperation. He hopes that this visit would be a motivator to enhance cooperation on research between two universities, which could also increase communication of teachers and students between two universities. He also hoped that the two universities could further cooperation in more fields and promote closer collaborations.

After the meeting, Vice President Zhao Junhai on behalf of Chang’an University and Vice President Paul Fanning on behalf of University College Dublin signed the student joint-training agreements in the subject of Road, Bridge and River-crossing.

Vice President Zhao Junhai talking with Vice President Paul Fanning

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