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The Fourth Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival
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After more than one month of intense preparations, the "Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival Award-winning Short Film Tasting and Film Culture Seminar" co-sponsored by the School of Literature, Art and Communication of Chang’ an University and the "Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival" organizing committee was held successfully in our university Weishui campus conference center on the second floor of the lecture hall.

President Assistant Biao Xiaohong and members of the Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival jury, Professor of the Vancouver Film Institute Cheryl-Lee attended the seminar and delivered a speech, accompanied by the Weishui Campus Office, the International Cooperation Department, party leaders of School of Literature, Art and Communication, more than 300 teachers and students of School of Literature, Art and Communication attended the seminar. The seminar was presided over by the Professor Wei Yangqing of School of Literature, Art and Communication, Vice Chairman of Shaanxi Film Association.

President Assistant Biao Xiaohong expressed her welcome to the all the movie young people who participated in the seminar and Staff of the Organizing Committee of the Golden Panda International Film Festival and She spoke highly of the achievements made in recent years by Canada's East Star Media, Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival.She introduce the basic situation of Chang an University and School of Literature Art and Communication, and she expressed the corporate culture of East Star Media "people-oriented, sincere gratitude, cooperation, learning and innovation" has a common value orientation with Chang'an Universitys motto, she hoped that the two sides to enhance mutual understanding and strengthen mutual cooperation.

Cheryl-Lee said in her speech, she was very happy to come to Xi'an China, experienced Xi'an' s unique local customs and practices, and rich cultural heritage, and she was very glad to come to the beautiful Chang' an University and hoped that the presence of the students and young filmmakers through the activities of the evening to conduct in-depth exchanges.

The seminar shows 3 outstanding short films from the nearly 400 entries of the Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival:《A Children’s Song》(U.S.A)、 《I Heard the Flowers Blooming When I was Eighty》(U.S.A)、《A Beautiful Mess》(The United Arab Emirates). The film's creative staff introduced the story behind the film, and shared creative inspiration.In the Q & A session, the filmmakers came from afar listened to everyone's viewing experience, and teachers and students participated in the activities on the award-winning film's artistic features, shooting techniques in-depth and wonderful communication.

Before the seminar began, President Assistant  Biao Xiaohong met with visiting guests at the meeting room. In the afternoon, the Award winning filmmakers of Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival and the organizing committee staff visited the traffic hall and experimental teaching center of School of Literature, Art and Communication.


PresidentAssistant Biao Xiaohong Delivered A Speech


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