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The Inter-school Cooperation Agreements with Three Universities
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Recently , The president Ma represented Chang’ an university respectively signed the inter-school agreement with President of University of Salford, UK, Helen Marshall and President of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, A.Mitkas and President of Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Jong Ho Kim.

According to the agreement, our university will carry out teachers' mutual visits, student communication , scientific cooperative research and other educational and academic communication activities and set up comprehensive, long-range and steady cooperative partnership based on equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages, mutual cooperation and common development. The signing of the cooperation agreement will provide a better opportunity and platform for the development of both sides.

The University of Salford is located next to Manchester city center and was founded in1896, which is a time-honored comprehensive high level university. It has Business School, Arts and Media School,Computer Engineering School, Building Environment School , Biological Science School and so on. In recent years, according to the analyzing figures from QAA,the teaching level of University of Salford ranked the top 10 in over 110 universities in the UK.83% of the research projects in University of Salford reached to the standard of “International Recognition” showed by the evaluative figures of British government.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was founded in the year of 1925, which was named by thephilosopherAristotle. It is close to the center of Thessaloniki city and covered the area of 230 thousand square meters . Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the biggest university on scale and comprehensively ranks at top two in Greece . In the ranking of QS 2016,it ranked the 461th. It mainly includes Engineering School, Agriculture School, Forestry and Environment School, Humanity School , Management School , Arts School, Education School, Medical School and so on.

Seoul National University of Science and Technology was set up in the year of 1910 and is located in Luyuan District, Seoul Special City, which is one of the top two national comprehensive universities in Seoul city. It mainly includes Engineering School, Modeling School, Humanity School, Biological Energy School, Information and Communication Engineering School, Fusion Technology and Business School as well as Language School.

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