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Chung Hua University Were Invited to Visit Chang’an University
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On the February 27th 2017, Liu Weiqi, president of Chung Hua University, visited our university. President Ma Jian and Vice President Zhao Junhai welcomed the guests at the Academic Exchange Center, accompanied by heads of the Principal's Office, the Division of Developing and Planning, and the International Office.

President Ma extended his warm welcome to the arrival of President Liu Weiqi and his colleagues. He briefly introduced our university from the perspective of school size, characteristic of subjects, and cultivation of talents. Then, he introduced international exchanges in detail. He said that our university was a comprehensive university with distinguished features. Our university has provided significant intellectual support for national basic facilities construction. To implement international strategy, our university has highlighted our characteristics, strengthened international cooperation, made full use of high quality resources and promoted school-running standards. President Ma then reviewed the cooperation between Chung Hua University and our university. He pointed out that the two parties had cooperated in staff and student exchanges, scientific cooperation and so on since the cooperation agreement was signed. He hoped that through this visit, both parties can further the cooperation in every field based on previous cooperation.

President Liu Weiqi expressed his appreciation for the reception and achievements of our university in every field. He then briefly introduced recent development of Chung Hua University from the perspective of schooling characteristics and cultivation of talents. Besides he highly endorsed President Ma's education idea about international exchange with school characteristics. He expressed his concern about suggestions on furthering the cooperation between two parties. He also hoped that the two universities could further the cooperation, create new cooperation mode and raise the friendly cooperation to a new level.


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