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Our University Held Professor Appointment Ceremony For Qian Yizhi
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On the morning of December 19th2016, the Professor Appointing Ceremony which was directed by the director of Personnel Office Hui Jizhuang, for Prof. Qian Yizhi was held in the Guest Hall at the Academic Exchange Center. Vice President Zhao Xiangmo Had attended the ceremony and gave a speech.

Vice President Zhao issued a Professor appointing certificate to the Prof. Qian Yizhi and show the gratitude to the Professor Qian Yizhi on behalf of Chang’ an University for his participate in the school discipline construction, scientific research and personnel training, international cooperation and exchange and so on during the employment period as the Shaanxi Province, "Hundred Talents Program" Distinguished Professor and affirmed his contribution of improvement the construction level and popularity of transportation planning and management disciplines and logistics engineering disciplines. His hoped that Professor Qian Yizhi always conscientiously perform his duties, contribute for school‘s "dual class" construction during his employment period. Vice President Zhao required School of Automobile and relevant functional departments work of Professor Qian Yizhi provide attentive service, go all out to support Professor Qian and the team to keep abreast of cutting-edge disciplines, and actively carry out prospective studies in the future.

Prof. Yu Qiang, Dean of the School of Automobile, reviewed Prof. Qian Yizhi's work during the engagement of the "Hundred Talents Program" and thanked Professor Qian for his outstanding contributions to the development of the college. Professor Yu Qiang said the School of Automobile will do everything to support the security work to help Professor Qian Yizhi another success.

Professor Qian Yizhi expressed his gratitude for the care and support given by the school and expressed his great pleasure to continue to be employed by Changan University. In the future, Prof. Qian will continue to expand the scope of cooperation, deepen cooperation and enhance cooperation and exchanges with other disciplines research personnel, and constantly improve the Chang' an University Intelligent Transportation disciplines' international reputation.

Directors of Development Research Center, Graduate School, Personnel Department, the International Department and other functional departments in charge, School of Automotive and teachers attended the appointment ceremony.


Vice President Zhao Talking With Professor Qian


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