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University of California Were Invited To Visit Chang’ an University
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On the December 8th2016, Prof. S. Geoffrey Schladow who is the director of Lake Ecological Research Center of University of California, Davis and the deputy editor of the magazine "Water Resources Research", were invited to visit our university. Vice President Zhao Junhai welcomed the guest at the Guest Hall in the Academic Exchange Center, accompanied by the director Jiang Zaiwen of the International Office and the dean Qian Hui of School of Environmental Science and Engineering.

Vice President Zhao expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of the Prof. S. Geoffrey Schladow and Gave a introduce about the university on the school scale, characteristic of disciplines, talent training and the situation of international exchanges. He pointed out that our university attached a great attention to the cooperation and exchange with foreign universities and we hope to make achievements on the teacher communication and cooperative research with the University of California, Davis on the existing extensive basic. He hoped that through the visit of the Prof. S. Geoffrey Schladow , two sides will make in-depth cooperation and make efforts to promote the comprehensive relations of cooperation and hope Prof. S. Geoffrey Schladow will actively contribute to the development of our academic journals in the world-renowned journals.

Prof. S. Geoffrey Schladow expressed his gratitude to the reception of our university and gave a briefly introduce on the international development of University of California, Davis. He agreed with the conception of Vice President Zhao about the cooperation of two universities and said that will timely feedback the consensus reached by the visit to the school as soon as possible to promote the establishment of a comprehensive partnership between the two sides. He also expressed his willingness to share his successful experience in academic journals, and he will make contributions to the development of academic journals and help teachers to publish papers in international famous magazines.

After the meeting, Prof. S. Geoffrey Schladow gave a lecture entitled "Large Lakes in the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries: Shifting Perceptions on Potential, Threats and Management at Lake Tahoe,USA" in the lecture hall on the first floor of the Academic Exchange Center for our teachers and students. A total of more than 200 teachers and students of our School of Environmental Science and Engineering, School of Earth Science and Resource listened to the report.


Vice President Zhao Talking With Prof. S. Geoffrey Schladow


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