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The Delegation Led By Vice President Zheng Fangxuan of Chung Hua  University Visited
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On the June 14th2016, the delegation led by Vice President Zheng Fangxuan of Chung Hua University were invited to visit our university, Vice President Zhao Junhai welcome the guests in the Guest Hall at the Academic Center, accompanied by the director of International Office Jiang Zaiwen and the dean of the School of Information Engineering Song Huansheng.

Vice President Zhao expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of Vice President Zheng Fangxuan and gave a brief introduction of our university on the school scale, characteristic of disciplines, talent development and the situation of the foreign cooperation and communication. He recalled the cooperation between our university and the Chung Hua University and pointed out that since the signing of the inter-school cooperation agreement between the two schools, we Have developed cooperation on the teacher visits, students exchange and cooperative science research. He hoped that through the visit of Vice President Zheng, we can further deepen bilateral cooperation and exchanges in various fields, on the basis of existing cooperation consolidation.

Vice President Zheng expressed his gratitude to the reception of our university and briefly introduced the present development situation of Chung Hua University, and recalled Vice President Zhao Junhai to promote cooperation between the two universities led a delegation to visit the Chung Hua University in 2013. He appreciated the concept of Vice President Zhao to deepen the cooperation between two university and hoped to explore more channels of cooperation, innovation and better cooperation model, and strive to promote the establishment of a deeper and closer cooperation between the two sides on the basis of existing cooperation.

During the visit, the delegation led by Vice President Zheng visited the laboratory of the School of Information Engineering, and carried out extensive communication with the teachers and students of School of Information Engineering on the related fields.


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