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The Office of International Convene A Briefing On Foreign Affairs
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On the afternoon of July 8th,2016, A Briefing On Foreign Affairs Cum Foreign Affairs Work Promotion Conference of College And Department was hold in the Conference Room 5 at Academic Exchange Center. Vice President Zhao Junhai, staff of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange and the foreign affairs officer attended the meeting, the meeting was chaired by the Director of International Office, Jiang Zaiwen.

Vice President Zhao gave a brief direction of the background and purpose of the meeting, and carried out a briefing on the Internationalization Work of our university in the recent years. He pointed out that Highlight the characteristics of the school and strengthen foreign cooperation and exchanges, accelerate the personnel training, teacher team building, scientific research, international exchange mechanism and innovative international process, are the important part of school's "Thirteen Five" development plan, and also are the important measure to advance the construction of "Double-class". The relevant person in charge of the College should attach great importance to the promoting work of Internationalization of the school and implementation the sub-work of the international attention, and convey the spirit and content of the meeting to the each teacher of Colleges. International Office should be further for the College to build more international exchange platform, good coordination and service work.

Director Jiang gave a detailed reading on the "On strengthening and improving the teaching and research personnel to go abroad for temporary management guidance" issued by the Ministry of Education, and conveyed the spirit of "Interim Measures for the Administration of Funds for Foreign Experts on Culture and Education" issued by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. Deputy director Gao Wei conveyed the spirit of "Notice on Appointment Plan for Foreign Cultural and Educational Experts in 2017" issued by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, and gave a detailed reading of the new situation, new changes and new requirements of the application and submission of the project and gave a specific arrangement on the work of advancement. International and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan exchange section chief Wang Dong, deputy Chief of Exit - Entry Administration Zhou Zhenzhen described the related works.

At last, the foreign affairs officer of each school have made extensive discussions with the staff of the International office on the relevant issues, and further clarified the relevant working.


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