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University of Waterloo Were Invited To Visit Our School
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On the October 26th2016, IEEE Fellow, academician of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering of Canada, Prof. En-hui Yang and Prof. Li Ningyuan of the University of Waterloo were invited to visit our school. President Ma Jian and Vice President Zhao Xiangmo met the guest, and director of International Office Jiang Zaiwen and Social Cooperation Office the School of Information Engineering Song Huansheng of Chang' an University participated in the meeting.

President Ma Jian expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of the delegation of Academician En-hui Yang and gave a brief introduction of Chang’ an University on the university developments and the basic situation of foreign cooperation and exchange over the past few years. He pointed out that the comprehensive and in-depth development of the international cooperation and exchange has achieved fruitful results in the key work such as talent training, scientific research and teaching reform, highlighting the spiritual connotation of our university as a distinctive comprehensive university. In the future, we will continue to strengthen international cooperation and exchanges, especially with the internationally renowned professors and their team, and promote international cooperation and exchange of well-known universities and research institutions, in-depth implementation of the school internationalization project laid a good foundation. President Ma Jian expressed sincere gratitude to Academician En-hui Yang for his outstanding contribution to the development of”111 Project on Information of Vehicle-Infrastructure Sensing and ITS” and hoped to Prof. En-hui Yang as an opportunity to promote the cooperation and exchanges with University of Waterloo to make through on the Student exchanges, teacher visits, cooperative scientific research and so on.

Academician En-hui Yang expressed a sincere gratitude to the reception and expressed his appreciation for the outstanding achievements of our university in personnel training, discipline construction, service in local construction and social service, and expressed great support for President Ma Jian's vision of promoting comprehensive development of schools through internationalization. He expressed his willingness to share his successful experiences in his field with the research team of Changan University ”111 Project on Information of Vehicle-Infrastructure Sensing and ITS” and dedicated to promoting the friendly cooperation between the two universities to a higher level.

In praise Professor Li Ningyuan's outstanding contribution to the international cooperation and exchanges for Chang’ an University over the years, President Ma Jian presented the "Outstanding Contribution Award of Chang'an University for International Cooperation and Exchanges" to Professor Li Ningyuan. Professor Li Ningyuan thanked the school for the affirmation of his work in international cooperation and exchange and will spare no effort to continue to contribute to the alma mater's international work in the future.


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