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An Expert of the National Thousand Talents Program Was Invited to   Visit Our University
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In the morning of July 22, 2016, Prof. Jin Zhongmin ,the expert of National Thousand Talents Program, the president of Leeds College of Southwest Jiaotong University and professor of UK Leeds University, was invited to visit our university. Vice President Zhao Xiangmo welcomed the guests in the Guest Hall of Academic Center with hospitality , Accompanied by the Related officials ,deputy director of the Department of Personnel Hui Jizhuang, deputy director of the Department of International Cooperation, Gao Wei ,the dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Hu Yongbiao and some teachers.

The Vice President Zhao Xiaongmo expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of Professor Jin Zhongnin and gave a brief introduction of the university from the university history ,teaching staff ,education scale, the characteristics of the subjects and the foreign exchange and cooperation development. Emphatically, he introduced Chang'an University attaches great importance to the introduction of high-level talent and international cooperation and exchanges, and hoped that Professor Jin's visit will make new breakthroughs in the introduction of talents, teaching staff and international exchange.

Professor Jin Zhongmin expressed sincere gratitude to the warm reception and gave a brief introduction the current international frontier issues of biological manufacturing, hoping to carry out research in the direction at our school. Then ,he briefly introduced the basic situation of Leeds University and hoped to cooperate extensively with our university in the aspects of teachers 'study abroad, post-doctoral training and students' joint training.

At the meeting, deputy director of International Cooperation Department, Gao Wei introduced the cooperation and exchange model of our University with foreign university and the two sides reached a preliminary agreement on how to carry out students joint training with Leeds University.


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo Met with Professor Jin Zhongmin


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