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China-Australian Joint Research Center for Earth Sciences was       established
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Under the initiative of Prof. Wang Xuance, the distinguished Professor of the "Hundred Talents Program" of Shanxi Province, our university and Curtin University of Australia, as the sponsor, jointly established the "China-Australia Joint Research Center for Earth Science ", which was initiated by the relevant universities and research institutes in China and Australia. The Center "was established in Chang'an University Science and Technology Building. Vice President Zhao Xiangmo of Chang'an University, Han Ling ,director of Science and Technology Department ,Hui Jizhuang, director of Personal Department ,Jiang Zaiwen ,director of International Cooperation Department and Li Manliang ,deputy director of Personnel Department attended the inauguration ceremony. Wang Liuhua, Secretary of the School of Resources, and members of the faculty and members of the Center ,some teachers and student representatives attended the inauguration ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Prof. Li Rongxi, the dean of the School of Resources

Professor Wang Xuance, Director of the China-Australian Joint Research Center for Earth Science, introduced the establishment of the Center, the orientation of the Center, the composition of the key personnel and the development ideas for the next five years. Vice President Zhao Xiangmo on behalf of Chang'an University expressed his congratulations on the establishment of the China-Australian Joint Research Center for Earth Science. He said that the school would give full support to the construction and future development of the center and put forward specific requirements to the scientific research, personnel training, management and operation system and future development direction. Vice President Zhao hoped that the relevant departments of the school innovation mechanism, under the existing conditions to provide a good environment and the necessary conditions for the researches of the Center, and make the comments and suggestions on the talents introduction and personnel assessment and other aspects.

Vice President Zhao Xiangmo and Professor Wang Xuance, director of the Center, jointly established the inauguration of the China-Australia Research Center for Earth Science. Director of the Department of Personnel Hui Jizhuang presented the Letter of Appointment of Prof. Li Zhen from the Curtin University Earth Science Joint Research Center in Australia.

After the opening ceremony, the China-Australia Joint Center for Earth Science held its first academic report. Prof. Liu Xiaoming of the National Key Laboratory of Continental Structure of Northwestern University., Prof. Wang Xuance, Prof. Li Zhen and Prof. Wu Tao made an academic report on geochemistry.

China-Australia Research Center for Earth science co-sponsored by the Chang'an University and Curtin University, Australia ,relying on the disciplines related to Earth Science of Chang'an University, combined with Curtin University ,the University of Queensland, and Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Northwest University, China University of Petroleum (East of China), China Petroleum Exploration and Development Institute and other units of related disciplines to form an academic research organization. China-Australia Joint Research Center for Earth Science based on the international earth science research frontier, through the center platform to attract senior researchers in the field of Chinese and Australian ,strengthen cooperation between our university with domestic and foreign researchers and scientific exchanges, gather an international perspective of outstanding scientific research team, improve the research level of earth science disciplines of Chang'an University ,led the field of scientific research and the quality of personnel training comprehensive improvement.


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo Giving a Speech


Vice president Zhao Xiangmo Unveiled for the Centre


Issuing the Appointment Letter

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